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Hank Kolb Case Essay

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Case Study of the Causes of Problems in the Greasex Line of a Company and the Possible Quality Improvement Steps
In the high-technology sector, the Greasex line is specialized in manufacturing solvents packed in cans for degreasing. Nonetheless, the company had experienced some trouble with the new filling equipment. The main problem was the presence of high-pressure beyond the required upper specified limit in some second shift cans. However, these problems as identified from the case study are related to several areas. They include personnel such as the newly assigned operator from a different department. He lacked formal training and was also negligent as he was absent from his position ...view middle of the document...

Measurement on the possible outcome of the process on the product design and packaging was not accurately done. This is because the contoured- can acted as a carrier creating suction from a high-pressure filling head. The management generally failed on its part as it hastily introduced Greasex to beat competition, therefore, producing a product with 50% standard rates.
Fishbone Diagram on the causes of Problems on Greasex Line
General Steps to be taken by Hank to set up a Continuous Improvement Program for the Company
The continuous improvement program for the company entails improvement of quality. The information provided by Morgantal, the general manager, concerning the lack of quality attitude would play an important role in his efforts. For solutions to be found, Hank, the new director of quality assurance needs to brainstorm with other managers and supervisors. He will have to use the Six-Sigma project method and Design, Measure Analyze, Improve and Control the processes of implementation. In general, it will put a stop to the downward quality-productivity-turnover trend and reduce the cost in terms of money spent. To achieve this, he has to start by talking to the staff in the production unit and personnel in general and to determine and study the fundamental cause of the problem.
After the study, he should outline a plan of action which should be communicated to the top managers. Subsequently, other staff will be met and informed on the new policies. This may also involve hiring and training of personnel. Some adjustments he will need to do are to ensure that people working on delicate areas have the required standards of training, and are present in their fields at all working times when required. The right equipment should be purchased and used for their specific intended jobs. This should in turn be used for the production of the right product. If any...

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