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Handling Sentence And Appeal Essay

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Handling Sentence and Appeal
When looking into the case involving Alan, Betty and Charlie who were long-time friends and grew tired of struggles. They each wanted to make fast cash, but never managed to be successful. Betty and Charlie came up with the plan to rob a bank, and that Alan and Charlie were going to enter the bank with fake guns, while Betty waited in the car outside to drive away and act as a "lookout." Alan was going to hold-up the tellers while Charlie took the Manager to the vault. All three were going to use walkie-talkies to communicate so their cell-phones could not be traced to the location of the robbery. After five minutes, Alan and Charlie would run out with the ...view middle of the document...

When appealing the court’s decision, it often comes with legal issues. The defendants Alan and Betty, who were convicted, may after a trial may appeal their convictions. When they are filing an appeal, this provides them the means for correcting legal errors that may have occurred at trial.  An appellate court will not overturn a conviction or sentence unless the error of law was so significant that it likely changed the outcome of the case, directly affecting the eventual verdict or sentence. So, they would have prove to the courts how and what error was made in order to have a resentencing; as well as; a new trail. Without this proof they could automatically be denied based upon the little to no evidence they have provided to the courts. With that being said the amount of evidence that is presented will determine the likelihood of how successful the appeal will be.
When looking at the likelihood of success of appeal in this case is slim to none. The number of successful appeals in the United States is low. Appellate courts give the trial court great leeway in conducting trials. The law does not...

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