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Handling Security And Ethical Issues Essay

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Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI

Course: IT560-01

Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI
A growing concern, especially with the recent information leak at Target, is the issue of security. Outlined are security concerns for TBWI and how best to handle them. In addition to handling security issues, there may be complicated ethical issues that may occur. To best handle these situations, those ethical issues are addressed, with recommendations for how best to handle them.
Security Concerns
In 2013, B2B International and Kaspersky Lab conducted a Global Corporate IT Security Risks survey and the results were quite startling. In a ...view middle of the document...

Complementing the firewall should be a type of intrusion detection software that will, “Monitors system and network resources and notifies network security personnel when it senses a possible intrusion” (Stair & Reynolds). For the workstations and other devices, a strong anti-virus program needs to be installed and continually updated. For messages going to and from the TBWI servers, encryption software is necessary to prevent data sniffers from picking up any of the information packets being transferred, which may contain private company information or clues on how to breach the server. Most importantly all, TBWI users should be educated on the possible threats available and how to avoid them. For example, phishing emails tend to pose fraudulently as an established bank or merchant, in order to fool users into accessing a mock site, made to look like that business. Once the user enters their information, the cyber criminals now have a means of committing identity theft. Alternatively clicking on one of those email links may cause malware or spyware to attach itself to the workstation or server, infecting other workstations connected to it. While a firewall or antivirus software might protect from these attacks, some emails may slip through to an employee. In this case, the best defense is the knowledge to not access a bank or merchant site through an email link and instead access those sites directly from a web browser.
External Hardware Threats and Solutions.
An external hardware attack can include break-in theft, or destruction of property by outsiders. Protection against these types of attacks involves implementing locks, an alarm system, as well as hiring a security company to physically monitor each of the TBWI offices.
Internal Threats and Solutions
Internal threats are those that can occur from TBWI employees or those associated with the company. The most common of these types of threats is the accidental or internal leak of data. To protect against such threats, all TBWI system users should have individual username and password access with access privileges based on what department they are working in and what relevant data they should have access to. A security policy should be in place that informs all TBWI employees of the responsibility of keeping data secure by not sharing files or their login credentials. Unfortunately, there may be issues of disgruntled employees that may look to do harm to TBWI. Because of this type of threats, it is important for the company to monitor TBWI employee activity online and in messages for alert about potential situations. In addition, a security dashboard should be setup for the TBWI system. A security dashboard provides a “Comprehensive display on a single computer screen of all the vital data related to an organization’s security defenses, including threats, exposures, policy compliance, and incident alerts” (Stair & Reynolds).
Mobile Device Misuse and Solution

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