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Handful Of Dates Essay

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“A Handful of Dates”

The Story “A Handful of Dates” by Tayeb Salih is about a boy whose feelings for his grandfather were changing little by little. First the boy loved his grandfather. He liked to spend a lot of time with him because he felt his grandfather was a perfect person with a pure heart. Also, he wanted to be like his grandfather in the future. The boy and the grandfather had a neighbor named Masood who his grandfather didn’t like. The boy felt curious about what happened with his neighbor, but when the boy asked his grandfather about Masood, the grandfather said bad things about him. After that, the boy realized that Masood was a person with happiness and he remembered his ...view middle of the document...

Since the boy was pure hearted, he loved the nature. The boy says, “I used to love the mosque, and I loved the river too” (P.2). This shows, the boy was a pure hearted person that is why he views the nature as is and loved it. Similarly, the boy was pure hearted so he totally believed in his grandfather without having any questions of what he did and said. For another example, the boy says, “who would pat me on my head and cheek just as people did when they saw me with my grandfather.” (P.2) This means, people around him liked how he treat his grandfather like sincerely based on his personality because of that people around him liked him and showing their feeling with some gestures. However, his personality impacted his decision in the end of story.
In addition, the boy seems smart in the beginning of the story, According to the boy, “The reason was, no doubt, that I was quick at learning by heart” (P.2) This shows, the way he learned by something was so quick and kept the true meaning inside of him like totally understand the deeper meaning. That made me to think him as a smart person. For another example, the boy says, “I used to know when my grandfather wanted me to laugh, when to be silent; also I would remember the times for his prayers and would bring him his prayer rug and fill the ewer for his ablutions without his having to ask me” (P.3) In other words, the boy was smart that he knows what to do before his grandfather actually told him what to do. Therefore, he understands the true relationship between the Masood and his grandfather. Later, his smartness affected his respect toward his grandfather.
Furthermore, the boy was curious about many things. The boy says, “Before my grandfather ever replied to my many questions” (P.3) This shows, the boy has a lot of questions within him about something and want his grandfather could gave him an answer. Because, the boy believe his grandfather is a perfect man who has a solution for the problem that idea is based on his admiration on his grandfather but his curiosity made him to question about the relationship between Masood and his grandfather.
Similarly, the boy starts to be curious about how his grandfather feels about Masood because it made him think something was wrong. The boy says, “One day I asked him about our neighbor Masood. I said to my grandfather: ‘I fancy you don’t like our neighbor Masood?’ ” (P.3) This means, when the boy asked about Masood his grandfathers reaction was weird than who was used to be. Therefore, the boy’s curiosity expanded. For another example, the grandfather says, “‘He’s an indolent man and I don’t like such people.’ I said to him: What’s an indolent man?’” (P.3) In other words, the grandfather point out that he doesn’t like Masood and explained Masood’s personality as a lazy person, which made the boy have to ask his grandfather about indolent man and having a question about why does his grandfather use such a word to describe the Masood. However, the...

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