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Hand Hygiene Essay

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Appendix A
Table 1: Hand Hygiene – Comparison of Guidelines
|Source |When to Perform Hand Hygiene |Selection Of Agent |Technique |Other Relevant Aspects Of Hand Hygiene|
|John Muir - Hand Hygiene Policy (2009) |Hands are visibly soiled |Soap and water are to be used|When washing with soap and water: |Healthcare workers to keep nails short|
| |Prior to contact with pt diagnosed |to perform hand hygiene if |Stand close to sink, wet hands with water, |and clean |
| ...view middle of the document...

|Rinse well and make sure water flows from |Hospital approved hand lotions may be |
| |perform invasive procedure | |wrist to hands |used to prevent skin dryness |
| |Before and after any patient contact| |Dry thoroughly with paper towel and dispose |The use of gloves are not used as a |
| |Before and after touching any wounds| |in trash |substitute for hand-washing |
| |Before leaving isolation rooms; | | | |
| |After handling potentially tainted | |When decontaminating hands with alcohol | |
| |items in isolation room | |based rub: | |
| |After situations when microbial | |Apply product to palm of one hand and rub | |
| |contamination is likely to occur | |hands together | |
| |After touching inanimate sources | |Cover all surfaces of hands and fingers and | |
| |that are likely to be contaminated | |rub hands until dry | |
| |After removal of gloves | | | |
| |After any exposure to body fluids | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
|National Guideline Clearinghouse: |When hands are visibly dirty or |Wash hands with soap and...

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