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Han And Roman Views On Technology Dbq

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People in the Han and Roman dynasties expressed their necessity for technology in assisting labor. In the Han dynasty, technology controlled the destruction of the Yellow River and appeased the peasants by providing an easier lifestyle. During the Roman Dynasty, technology assists in daily life for the building of public works along with the life of lower-class inhabitants. A document that would aid in describing the attitude towards technology would be a private letter from a peasant or low-class citizen, conveying his position on the use of technology.
In the ancient Han Dynasty, technology subdued the strenuous workload of the average peasant, creating a positive attitude towards ...view middle of the document...

This point of view may be affected by his education status. The Han official must be highly educated to pass the extensive test, and thus appreciates technology than a low-class citizen would. Although technology was widely praised, there was some criticism. It is perceived by Huan Guan, a government official, that the tools made today are inferior to the tools made before. He states that unmotivated slaves, creating low quality tools that aren’t effective, make the iron tools. Guan says that technology has actually slowed progress and created a harder lifestyle for peasants. His decision may be affected by the fact that he is writing about salt and iron, items monopolized by the government creating high prices for Chinese peasants. He was attempting to show the unimportance of these products.
The Roman Empire regarded technology as assistance in building public works, yet it did not believe that technology stimulated progress. The Roman general Frontius describes the grandeur of the aqueducts. He expressed the beauty of the irrigation system, and implemented all praise towards technology. The public works in Rome were created by the technology of the time. The grandeur and usefulness of technology is expressed by Frontius the water commissioner. Argument can be drawn from the observations of Frontius because his occupation may influence his ideas about the irrigation system. The aqueducts may be taken for granted by an ordinary citizen yet the water commissioner who knows the workings of the aqueducts would have a greater appreciation for the structures. Plutarch exemplifies the appreciation for technology solely for public works. He states the...

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