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Hampton Machine Essay

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George P. Maxe and Ellen J. Waxman Sloan School of Management, MIT December 1994

SECRET INSTRUCTIONS FOR JACK YOUNGBLOOD - THE MANAGER You are dead tired. It is March 16th. You have been on an exhausting trip that lasted over a week (since last Thursday, the 8th). Before you left, you were in the office until the wee hours on the 7th clearing your desk and leaving instructions for your staff. You sent a number of E-mails, but did not get one out to Shataya before the system went down for maintenance at midnight. So, you left your secretary, Lucy Fine, a handwritten memo for Shataya along with the following note that you scribbled on a sticky ...view middle of the document...

m. breakfast meeting of the San Francisco Bankers Association. The speaker was the head of the London office of Bank of America. You thought you might learn something useful about the business climate in Europe for next week's meeting in Boston. It was worth it. That was the most thoughtful and coherent speech you've heard


in a long time. You were incredibly impressed by the head of the Bank of America London office, a black woman. She was so well-informed. Also, she was absolutely elegant - she sure looked a lot like Shataya — distinctive dress, distinctive hair. Speaking of Shataya, you hope she will be up to making this presentation next week. Sometimes she's so reserved in the office, you worry how she'll come across. Hopefully, she's been spending most of her time this week getting prepared. You hope she has Jim O'Brien's memo on the bank's present system, their requirements and current regulations. That memo has all the information she really needs for her presentation. You are concerned about letting her make this presentation to a significant client, but since you will be there and she is really just handling some of the technical issues you think it will be okay. (Of course, if you don't get the client, Joe Banks will be looking to you to know what went wrong, not to Shataya.) You don't know what to think of the E-mail you received from Meese on Wednesday the 14th. He simply announced he had...

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