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Hamlet: Another “Average Joe" Essay

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Hamlet: Another “Average Joe”

The word “prince” is usually used to describe someone of noble origin or in the case of Michael Jackson, set apart from the rest of the “peasants”. Princes are supposed to live separate lives that a normal person can not fathom. However, Hamlet’s life is not much different than the lives of ordinary people today in that he has many of the same problems. Like contemporary people of today, Hamlet suffers from family problems, troubles following authority, and anger management issues.
In America, the divorce rate is about half of all marriages. Sometimes those broken couples conceived children. There is a chance that the mother will remarry. When this happens, the child has a new father; his stepfather. Often, the child resents his stepfather at first a does ...view middle of the document...

It is chilling to think what might happen.
Now Hamlet is not put in the back of a police car, but he does suffer some severe repercussions from authorities. To begin with, he is exiled by the king after he accidentally kills Polonious. In Act IV, scene iii, lines 44-51, the king tells Hamlet after he kills discovers the death, “Hamlet, this deed…must send thee hence…and everything is bent for England.” As punishment for his actions, Hamlet’s stepfather must discipline him by sending him off to England. This is very much like a child being grounded for shoplifting or sending a troubled teenager off to boarding school. His punishment seems a little harsh and arouses pity, for Hamlet is like so many children today. That punishment may cause him, if he lived, emotional scarring and cause him to have little trust. In reality, Hamlet is just a confused child trying to rebel against society and being punished in the process.
Anger is an emotion that is a commonplace for humanity. Hamlet experiences it and so does everyone else in the world. Now people today do not express anger in murderous rage like Hamlet, but they do express it in such acts as shouting and obscene hand gestures. In Act III, scene 4, line 29, Hamlet murders Polonious because he believed that he was the king. That may seem a little rash but it is the result of his anger, an anger that many have. It is pitiful that he can not control his anger, but he doesn’t have the luxury of a therapist. It is terrifying to think that that angry outburst can happen even to the best of men, leaving them to have to deal with the consequences of a moment of weakness.
In modern society, there are many “Hamlets” living. Though they do not act in the same way as Hamlet did, they still suffer from the same problems being family issues, problems with authority, and anger.

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