Hamilton, Washington, Jackson, Adam Essay

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Sergio “What’s wrong with this country is that we have gotten away from how this country began. We need to get back to the way it was when the founding fathers set up the constitution and established us as a democratic and cristian nation, with the people running things. Nowadays its all run by smart-assed elites who don’t listen to us anymore. We need to get back to the way it was with Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, and Jackson”
Gissel “ Why are you figiting with the chair with a pained look on yer face?”
Sergio “ I know, so tell me what’s your opinion hotshot, your taking some sort of history class right. Don’t you agree with me?”
Me “ Well they all had their similarities and ...view middle of the document...

Hamilton and Jefferson hated each other and fought over everything. But both men were brilliant statesmen and political leaders. Unfortunately Alexander Hamilton must have had a personality problem as he seems to have fought with everybody. He later had a falling out with John Adams.
Sergio “ I think the best president that we had has to be Jackson. He made so many changes and evolved the government to the best.”
Gissel “ No I like Washington better. He was among the first of America’s statesmen to recognize the flaws in the government under the Continental Congress and the Articles of Confederation.”
Sergio “ What do you think Cynthia?
Me “ Well I think they all contributed to make the constitutional the best they could. Of course they all had their mistakes but at the end they were all great and brilliant people.”
Sergio “ okay miss. Smarty panse tell me how each of them contributed in the constitution and well choose who was the best from their.
Me “Of all the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, Alexander Hamilton was probably the most conservative. Hamilton actually favored a type of government similar to a constitutional monarchy. He had no sympathy for democratic ideals. Years after the Constitution had been ratified, he told Thomas Jefferson, “Your people, sir, are a great beast.” He meant that he did not trust the people to govern themselves, the way Jefferson did. At the Convention, he suggested that the President and Senators be elected for life, which would create an aristocracy of a ruling class similar to Great Britain. He realized that the people would not ratify such a constitution so he favored a written constitution that would create a system of government in which there were effective checks on the power of the people. Thus he supported the final draft of the Constitution as it provided for a mixed government in which the people had direct representation (House of Representatives), a Senate appointed by State legislatures to offset the representatives in the House, and an independent executive branch with the veto power over acts of congress. Hamilton became a leader of the Federalist Party and joined with John Jay and James Madison in writing the Federalist Papers, which outlined the powers and functions of the government under the Constitution, and was instrumental in convincing many that the new Constitution should be adopted. Hamilton advocated a loose interpretation of the Constitution and by doing so strengthened the U.S. economy as the first Secretary of the Treasury. He advocated a strong federal government, a national bank, a reduction in the public debt, and the building of a navy.”

Me “As a delegate from Massachusetts to the Continental Congress, John Adams played a leading role in persuading Congress to declare independence, and assisted Thomas Jefferson in drafting the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776. As a representative of Congress in Europe, he was a major negotiator of the...

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