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Hamilton Power Tools marketed industrial products by catering to constructional and industrial tool market. Their construction product lines included power trowels, power trowels, concrete vibrators, generators and power driven tools. Their industrial lines were primarily pneumatic tools: drills, screwdrivers etc. One of their products – gasoline-powered chain saw was slightly different from the above tools.
Mr. Campagna, the marketing manager for Hamilton Power Tools knew that the chain saw industry primarily catered to following markets:-Professionals (lumberjacks), farmers, institutions and casual users. Among these casual user segment was considered to be the future growth market. ...view middle of the document...

Thus a Projective technique such as TAT could be for exploratory research to gain initial insight and understanding of a casual user. The purpose of the qualitative research would be to uncover at a subconscious level the factors which affect the purchase of chain saw by a casual user.
Is Hamilton investing the casual-user market segment correctly?
The method of screening on basis on if they have used a chain-saw or if they own a chain-saw or plan to use a chain saw might not result in a sample representative of the true population. They primarily want to tap into the segment which was considered future growth of the market. This segment might not be limited to the fore mentioned categories.

Also they are taking a sample from a limited geography. The responses of the users in this geography might be biased. Their segmentation is also not correct concerning the fact that they are looking at future market
What conclusions would you draw from the Thematic Apperception Test? Do you feel this is a valid and reliable test?
In the TAT, four pictures were given and respondents were asked one or two questions on each picture. The thematic test disguises the true purpose of the test and thus we obtain information which is sensitive and also which can be considered more valid. The TAT conducted was able to reveal various parameters on which a casual user makes his decision of buying a chain saw. One of the prominent factors concerning the users was cost associated with it and its justification of cost in terms of its utility and life expectancy. Another important concern was weight and safety features of...

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