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Hamful Effects Of Television Essay

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Tre' Landry

Composition 1302.05


Negative Effects of Television

There is no doubt that the media influences us. These influences are known as media effects. Media effects are commonly described along a cognitive-effective behavioral dimension, which marks a distinction between acquisition of knowledge about an action and performance of the action.(Perse 34)When we go to watch an action movie at a theater. You feel like attempting a stunt you saw in the movie. When some people watch a show with their favorite actor or actress, they tend to want to wear what that person is wearing. Television shows are the most popular pastime for the average human-being who are interested ...view middle of the document...

... Less attention has been paid to the basic allure of the small screen-the medium, as opposed to the message.(Shuster 11)
Today's media has a impact on our youth. Whether it's a children's show or a beauty pageant, we all glaze our eyes at these things and people on television and it drives us to change our standards to lust after a new product, want to look a certain way, or want to live a certain way.
The media will always affect the way we act think. It has a profound influence on the behavior of its audience. When people try to imitate something we had seen or heard, are they capable enough to distinguish between right from wrong? Children spend great amounts of time watching television. They often try to imitate their role models uncontrollably. The things that the media highlight in the entertainment industry is usually what the youth tries to imitate. The wrongdoings that these celebrities perpetrate is what the young people idolize. Do to the fact that these idols are heroes in the youth's minds, they are still encouraged even though the bad behavior they have been showing to the public. People must be vigilant to minimize these negative influences by being responsible towards oneself and other people especially the youth who are easy targets by the media.The changes in the behavior and outlook of people towards life are attributable to the negative psychological effects of media. Changes in cultural and moral values have been observed. Many people believe that what is depicted by the media is true and acceptable, altering their judgment and causing altercations.
To study people's reactions to TV, researchers have undertaken laboratory experiments in which they have monitored the brain waves, skin resistance or hear rate of people watching television. Participant's behavior were tracked using a Experience Sampling Method. Participants carried a beeper, and the researchers signaled the participants six to eight...

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