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Half Of An Essay! Family Relationships Between The Indurtialisation

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Assess sociology view of the family relationships between the industrialisation (24 marks)

Talcott Parsons argued the reason the family structure was changing from an extended family to a nuclear family was because the nuclear family was more useful to industrial society, he says this because it is more efficient and fits the needs of society as it’s geographically and socially mobile therefore promotions are easier to get through their own efforts. Parsons saw how the rolls of men and women had developed in the families and he said it was best for society. Parsons argued there are 2 types of basic society that will fit the needs: modern industrial society and traditional pre-industrial society. When Britain changed from a rural society to one where people move to the cities and work in ...view middle of the document...

Anderson studied families in Preston. He said industrialisation increased the extended family because people moved in new towns and moved in with family to find comfort and security. His research showed 23% of households in Preston included kin beyond the nuclear family. He suggests that industrialisation may have strengthened the needs for reliance on the extended family e.g. providing a home for parentless children. Willmot and young, studied families in Bethnal Green in the East End of London in the 1950s- 1970s. He argued that there was a long-term; trend towards a nuclear family which partially supports Parsons. Willmot and Young theory was split into 3 stages: Nuclear. Stage 1-nuclear, stage 2- extended stage 3- symmetrical or privatised nuclear family. Symmetrical families came when wages were raised, an increase geographical mobility, and more entertainment in the homes to make it more of an attractive place. They argued until the 1970s extended families were still playing an important role among working class families.

Even though Parsons had stated the families began to lose its functions in pre-industrial society and became nuclear families, they were less dependent on the extended members. Other recent functionalist have shown, parsons theory may not be the entire truth, for example McGlone et al argued in 1996 that extended families are very important to people in society, as they are there to help and support you which is why the family member that live further away continue to keep in contact e.g. a modified family using phones and email. The working class have more frequent contact than the middle class do with families. His study show what families were like in modern contemporary society.

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