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Half Done Essay

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Alopecia is a disease involving the thinning or complete loss of hair. Alopecia’s affects differ based on gender. Males suffer from the loss of hair at the hairline or top of the head. Females, on the other hand, suffer from hair loss that is often only at the top of the head, with the hairline staying in tact.
There are many causes contributing to the diagnosis of alopecia. This list includes aging, genetics, illness, or malnutrition. Alopecia is not to be confused by baldness caused by “the hairless gene”. “A congenital disorder called atrichia is caused by the ‘hairless’ gene." Alopecia, though it can be genetically passed down, is very different from general balding in that it is caused by actual damage to the hair shaft or follicle. Damage can be caused by a major illness, particularly a fungal infection, stress ...view middle of the document...

Universal Alopecia is total loss of hair on the body. This affects both men, women, and children; Universal Alopecia can happen at bith or any age after. Universal Alopecia means no eyebrows, eyelashes, head hair, facial hair, arm hair, leg hair, or pubic hair. Being on of the least common forms of Alopecia there is no real evidence as to why the entire body is affected. This can happen at any point in your life. Some believe its genetic, basically with all Alopecia's this is a autoimmune disease where the body mistakenly attacks and kills the root follicles, making it impossible for the hair to grow. One in one hundred thousand people have Universal Alopecia. For these people they live a hard life of persecution. With no hair on there body they must be carful with sunlight, and motorize often. Body hair helps protect the body from germs, bacteria, the sun, and so much more.

Scarring alopecia, also known as cicatricial alopecia, refers to a collection of hair loss disorders that may be diagnosed in up to three percent of hair loss patients. It occurs worldwide in otherwise healthy men and women of all ages. Most forms of scarring alopecia first occur as small patches of hair loss that may expand with time. In some cases the hair loss is gradual, without noticeable symptoms, and may go unnoticed for a long time. In other instances, the hair loss is associated with severe itching, burning, pain, and is rapidly progressive.The scarring alopecia patches usually look a little different from alopecia areata in that the edges of the bald patches look ragged. The destruction of the hair follicle occurs below the skin surface so there may not be much to actually see on the scalp skin surface other than patchy hair loss. Affected areas may be smooth and clean, or may have redness, scaling, increased, decreased pigmentation, or may have raised blisters with fluids or pus coming from the affected area.

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