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Half A Life Essay

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Billy Joe Half a Life Human relations
1. In my opinion of why the book is named half a life is because half Darin’s life ago the event with the car crash happened. In the book close to the end when he is presently weighting the book he says that the event happen half a life ago. He sounds like that at the end he is starting to heal mentally. So half of his life was spent in a mental punishment and torment. Half his life is over now and he is better. He has a wife and a kid, he has a good job, and his life is improving. The pain he had to go though was probably tuff, and I am glad I do not have to go through that myself. A weak willed person would have not been able to make it ...view middle of the document...

He wonders that if plagiarized emotional reactions were the right thing to do.

Billy Joe Half a Life Human relations
3. One time that I had that I did not know what to do was when my friends were staying the night. My friend Marty was going to sleep in the mini house we have in our back yard and Keith was going to sleep on the couch in our living room. Now Marty went outside for a second to get something out of the car and Keith locked the door on him. Then my dad was like (oh it’s time to go to bed now). Marty did not like being locked out and Keith was taunting him form the window. Marty went into a rage and started banging on the window. I said to Keith that he will break it if we don’t let him back in. then Keith said (good then we can call the cops on him I don’t like Marty). Keith was also blocking the door so I could not open it. Then I ran through the back door went up on the top of the house and seen Marty freaking out and screaming worse then before then I said (Marty forget Keith and come up here) but Marty already broke the window because of Keith’s taunting. Then my dad came out of the house and I heard him screaming. Then I went into a dark run. Then when I came out of it I was in a random part of town and did not know what to do.

Billy Joe Half a Life Human relations
4. It was hard for him to go back to school. He felt like he did not want to go back to school at all, but he did after a while. As he walked through the halls people would stare at him then mutter. Whenever someone mentioned the accident he would feel awkward about it and want to go. The assembly was very awkward also. He gets up and leaves it before it is over. I would probably act the same way he does in the school, except if this did happen to me for real and now have read this book I would probably try to act different the Strauss just because I did read the book, but not have read it I would have been mostly the same. The school experience was not fun I can just say, but the whole experience with the accident was not fun.

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