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Hainan To Become An International Tourism Island

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Hainan to Become an International Tourism Island
    In 2010, Chinese Government delivered the “fundamental future blueprint and action plan for the development of Hainan International Tourism Island over the next few years.” This implies that Hainan, the southernmost as well as the only completely tropical, island province of China, is going to open its arm to the entire world and to focus on attracting foreign visitors while continue to welcome people from inland China. Located in the South China Sea and separated from the mainland by the 24-km Qiongzhou Strait, Hainan is 33 920 km2 in area with a population of about 7.79 million people in 2002, comprising 1.34 million (17.2 per cent) ...view middle of the document...

It should be noticed that, the people here are those tourists who have been to Hainan or are recently on the island, both Chinese and foreigners. People who don’t have an experience of tourism in Hainan is not considered within this paper because they are not able to experience the changes under the new policies mentioned. It is important to deal with this question because at the meantime becoming a more internationally attractive tourism spot, Hainan Island should not lose the former visitors who are pleased with their experience in Hainan and visit island constantly.    
     Hainan is popular in China because people loves the clean natural environment and believe that living in Hainan could lead to a healthy life. Hainan is getting more unique because it is the only province in China to clearly be identified by the government for the development of its tourism into a mainstay industry.(Hong Yu, 85) While large population of migration from mainland China speeds up the urbanization and economic growth in Hainan, it also brings problems to the island. Hainan is becoming more and more crowded and the pure nature cites are occupied the tourism industry. A study focus on forest degradation and Hainan gibbon conservation states that during the 17-year period (1991-2008), the area of suitable gibbon forest decreased by 540 km2 (35%) across the whole island (Minxia Zhang, et all,1). Most of those forest area are developed to farmland and urban area. It is a serious problem because if Hainan continues to lose forest and animals rely on the former forest, the natural sites of the island will become less and less attractive to all tourists. This year, as the fifth year after the declaration of “International Tourism Island” policies, Hainan Island does have experiences many changes. First, the operation of high-speed railway connects Haikou to Sanya, the main cities in Hainan started operation on Dec. 30th, 2010. (Hainan High Speed Rail, Total distance covered is 300 kilometers, and it will run at about 250 kilometers per hour, shortening the time it takes to make that journey from four hours to just 90 minutes. Second, many modernized malls are built in Hainan recently including an outlets in Wanning and a shopping center in Sanya which is tax-free for people hold flieght tickets into Hainan. Third, some details have changed when people check out at every hotel in Hainan. Every tourist is supposed to pay an 11-yuan island developing aids for every night spent on island. Besides those changes made by the stated policies, many changes occurred among the locals and the tourists. Under the fame of “international tourism island”, the price of everything are raised. A coconut was only two yuan ten years before, but now it is three times more expensive and in some seaside resorts, a coconut is ten times more expensive. While there are economic changes in Hainan, social changes are also taking place. There is an extreme example of local...

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