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Hahaha Essay

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Today is a rainy winter day. I slept really little last night so forgive me for this ugly picture. On a rainy winter day, I'm enjoying some me-time eating hot ramyeon in my room. :D love it.

Its been almost 2 weeks since we've arrived in Korea. 2 weeks here seems really long for me too. In the short 2 weeks, Shir and I have been to so many places, met so many ...view middle of the document...

Well there are things I really enjoy though, like taking a stroll in the park, walking around a lot on the streets with my friends, climbing up or down a mountain, just enjoying one another's company is enough. Come to think of that, I've never really done that in Singapore? Maybe we don't have enough parks. Haha, but I guess that's what I really enjoy about Korea as of now, the nature - waters, trees, rocks.

I'm still feeling sore about the fact that I have not seen snow. :( after all the excitement, I never got to see snow. =.= As the weather turns cold again this coming week, I really hope there would be some snow. SOME will do. I just need to see it. TT

I think I'm the silliest thing ever. Yesterday I went out without my wallet. And I travelled 1h 30min without realising I didn't have my wallet with me! I was so far from home and it was impossible to return home to get it anymore. So silly. The funnier thing was the same thing happened to my new buddy the day before. Aye, I think we are destined.


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