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Dennis Abanga
Project part 3
Investigate Findings on the Malware
In the present day malware has changed in nature dramatically with the criminal element realizing the advantages of using it for more malicious purpose. In the past it was not uncommon for malware to be written as a prank or to annoy the victim, but times have changed, malware in the current day has been adopted by criminals for a wide array of purpose to capture information about the victim or commit other attacks. The term malware used to cover only viruses, worms, and Trojans but nowadays it has evolved to include new forms, such as spyware, adware, and scareware. Software that used to just dial up systems or be ...view middle of the document...

Turning on enhanced security in Adobe Reader will help to protect your machines from attacks hidden in PDF files by hardening Adobe Reader. Limiting the use of network shares (mapped drives) will help prevent the worms from spreading. Worms love to spread via networked drives. Unless there is a strong business requirement, close mapped drives. If possible limit permissions to read-only rather than read-write.
Reviewing mail security and gateway blocking effectiveness will help by Catching threats before they get to the desktop can be done with effective mail and Web security scanning. Check that you have a mail security solution which updates frequently to detect the latest bad sender IPs, spam and malware threats at the mail gateway. Consider implementing a Web security solution that will protect your organization against Web 2.0 threats, including malicious URLs and malware.
Reviewing your security content distribution schedule is also inevitable. Antivirus signatures are released multiple times a day and IPS content roughly on a weekly basis or as needed. If possible, take advantage of these updates or at least update machines that are frequently infected.
Protecting smart phones and other mobile devices which are the top cybercrime trend for 2011 is advisable. They are now commonly used by malware for exploitation and to commit fraud. It seems that every employee with a smart phone or tablet PC wants to access the network to get to company e-mail or other applications. Remember that these devices can introduce malware into your network just as easily as an...

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