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Gun Control Debate Essay

2487 words - 10 pages

Gun Control Debate
Mary Dyke, Lindsey Kjer,
Stuart Moneymaker,
Christina Marquez and Josh Marr
April 15, 2013

Gun Control Debate
Gun control is a heated topic for debate right now in the United States. Many people are pro-gun control while others are against it. One fact is: “The Second Amendment only restricts the federal and state governments from imposing gun control that would completely deprive citizens of the right to defend their homes and their right to take part in defending their liberties as members of a national militia” (Charles, 2013). There is always some level of gun control. It can rise of course, but they cannot be taken away to their entirety. There ...view middle of the document...

To think that thugs who ignore laws against murder, robbery, rape and assault will, by some stretch of lunacy, obey gun control laws is the purest form of lunacy.  Does anyone think that a gang planning a bank robbery will trash those plans because they would first be required to register their guns before the job went down? Legalized gun ownership means guns have a greater chance of falling into the hands of kids, potentially resulting in some deadly accidents. The only way to eliminate gun violence is to ban purchasing them all together.
Lastly, one of the most important reasons to control guns in America is the number of suicides committed by individuals using a firearm. Suicides and crimes of passion are higher with gun availability, as it's much easier to act immediately on impulse when a gun is readily available. Although suicide can be accomplished in other ways, many deaths occur each day by gunshot wounds to the chest or head. “Homicide and suicide are the second and third leading causes of death, respectively, among teen’s ages 15 to 19, after unintentional injury. In 2010, firearms were the instrument of death in 85 percent of teen homicides and 40 percent of teen suicides.” Taking away easy access to firearms could indeed save lives.
The Cons of Gun Control
“How is it that an inanimate object is blamed for the criminal and cowardly actions of a lunatic” (DeClaire, 2013)? That is the question that most gun enthusiasts are asking in regards to the whole gun control debate. Only one group of people will suffer under any new gun control laws, the law abiding citizens. Gun control will not only limit or make the purchasing of a firearm more difficult for the law abiding citizens, but it also leaves them defenseless to criminals with the intent to harm and even a tyrannical government trying to take even more rights away from the American people. Criminals by definition do not follow the laws given now so there is no chance of them following the new ones. Another concern about gun control that most law abiding gun enthusiasts are worried about is the NCIS system. The system is used to register the guns that are bought and their owners. There is no reason for a national registry seeing as how it is already illegal for a felon to buy or own a gun. So why have it? “The quick answer is to confiscate weapons” (Chisolm, 2013). Some people think that this is just the gun enthusiasts being paranoid. If you don’t believe it, look what happened to Canada. According to “Canada: Where Gun Registration Equals Confiscation”, (2000),
“"Let us not hear that (registration) is a prelude to the confiscation by the government of hunting rifles and shotguns," Canadian Justice Minister Allan Rock said in Clintonesque tones on Feb. 16, 1995.”There is no reason to confiscate legally owned firearms."
Ten months after Rock's remarks, Parliament passed the Canadian Firearms Act, and confiscating legally owned firearms is precisely the first thing the new law...

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