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Is it possible that guns are the cause for all the violence and murders in America? Remember the tragedy that took place on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, when Adam Lanza opened fire and fatally shot twenty children and six adults. What about the event that took place just six months before that in a theater in Aurora, Colorado? On July 20, 2012, James Holmes open fired during a shooting scene in The Dark Night Rises. His actions had killed 12 people and injured 58 others in the meantime. Saying guns are the cause of these shootings, is like saying that the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, were the cause of all those ...view middle of the document...

Recently a gun control bill was in front of the senate that deals with issues of limiting gun magazine capacity, expanding background checks, and reinstating the assault rifle ban. According to sources at Fox News, in April 2013, the gun control bill failed to be passed by the senate. In a news conference following the failed attempt to pass the gun control bill, “President Obama lashed out at his usual favorite targets, "the gun lobby" and Republicans.” (Lott, 2013, Para. 1) President Obama accused the groups of lying, and even “scolded "senators [who] could not offer any good reason" to oppose the legislation.” Let us look at the items on the agenda.
In the article, “Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives” by Stephen E. Wright, Wright discusses issues ranging from handguns, large capacity magazines, concealed guns, and how anti-gun groups misconstrue the facts regarding guns. In this article, Wright makes some compelling arguments that seem to have some thought behind them, or more “common sense” than anything. One of the biggest controversies that are in front of congress at this time is the matter of limiting the capacity of the guns magazine. Anti-gun groups are pushing to have the capacity of those magazines limited. Anti-gun groups claim, “Large capacity firearms magazines enable murderers to kill large numbers of victims.” (Wright, 2012, Para. 7) Wright states, “It takes 2 seconds or less to change the magazine in a weapon, which is simply not an impediment for an armed man shooting unarmed victims.” (Wright, 2012, Para. 8) Though this argument seems valid, you have to ask yourself, “Could someone take over the gunman while he was changing the magazine in his/her gun?” Therefore, instead of shooting 15 people, the shooter might only be able to shoot 10 people before they are taken down.
Anti-gun groups believe that the lethality of the gun changes if the magazine is limited from 15 bullets to 10 bullets. “Is it not also common sense that it is what is in the heart, not the hand, of a person that makes them a murderer?” (Wright, 2012, Para. 3) Common sense should kick in and tell us that the magazine size has nothing to do with the issue of violence in this country. Whether the armed person has 2 bullets or 15 bullets in their magazine, they are just as lethal as the next person is, including a man with a knife is. When Columbine massacre occurred in April 1999, the murder used a pump shotgun. A pump shotgun normal holds six bullets at a time. The massacre at Virginia Tech in April 2007 occurred with a 9mm pistol capable of holding 10 rounds. So does limiting the magazine capacity make a lot of sense? Not much because it a person wants to commit a mass murder it doesn’t matter what they use. If effectively planned out they could use a shotgun, which hold 6 bullets, and still make a huge impact.
Another issue that is on the gun control bill dealt with expanding background checks for people looking to purchase firearms. However, there...

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