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Gulf Real Estate Properties Essay

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Case 2: Gulf Real Estate Properties. Please provide a Managerial Report that includes: 1. Appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize each of the three variables for the forty Gulf View condominiums 2. Appropriate descriptive statistics to summarize each of the three variables for the eighteen No-Gulf View condominiums 3. Comparison of your summary results from #1 & #2. Discuss any specific statistical results that would help a real estate agent understand the condominium market. 4. A 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean sales price and population mean number of days to sell for Gulf View condominiums. Also, interpret the results. 5. A 95% confidence interval ...view middle of the document...



(1) Descriptive statistics to summarize each of the three variables for the forty Gulf View condominiums

List Price |   | Sales Price |   | Days to Sell |   |
  |   |   |   |   |   |
Mean | 474007.5 | Mean | 454222.5 | Mean | 106 |
Standard Error | 31194.293 | Standard Error | 30439.72954 | Standard Error | 8.256078 |
Median | 437000 | Median | 417500 | Median | 96 |
Mode | 975000 | Mode | 305000 | Mode | 85 |
Standard Deviation | 197290.03 | Standard Deviation | 192517.7534 | Standard Deviation | 52.21602 |
Sample Variance | 3.892E+10 | Sample Variance | 37063085378 | Sample Variance | 2726.513 |
Kurtosis | 1.0113289 | Kurtosis | 1.183621479 | Kurtosis | 2.022026 |
Skewness | 1.0958146 | Skewness | 1.159387914 | Skewness | 1.077642 |
Range | 805100 | Range | 810000 | Range | 254 |
Minimum | 169900 | Minimum | 165000 | Minimum | 28 |
Maximum | 975000 | Maximum | 975000 | Maximum | 282 |
Sum | 18960300 | Sum | 18168900 | Sum | 4240 |
Count | 40 | Count | 40 | Count | 40 |
Confidence Level(95.0%) | 63096.412 | Confidence Level(95.0%) | 61570.16398 | Confidence Level(95.0%) | 16.69949 |

(2) Descriptive statistics to summarize each of the three variables for the eighteen No-Gulf View condominiums
List Price |   | Sales Price |   | Days to Sell |   |
  |   |   |   |   |   |
Mean | 212805.6 | Mean | 203188.9 | Mean | 135 |
Standard Error | 11536.51 | Standard Error | 10345.38 | Standard Error | 17.98402 |
Median | 212500 | Median | 203500 | Median | 126 |
Mode | 279000 | Mode | 179000 | Mode | #N/A |
Standard Deviation | 48945.28 | Standard Deviation | 43891.72 | Standard Deviation | 76.29972 |
Sample Variance | 2.4E+09 | Sample Variance | 1.93E+09...

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