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Guilt In Movies Essay

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How is guilt portrayed in some films we've seen? What role does religion play in this guilt and how does it affect the way characters deal with their guilt?

Guilt in films can take on many different forms. Guilt has been portrayed as a means to achieve an intended goal or as an obstacle in the way of true love and ones beliefs. Religion in many films works closely in conjunction with guilt. In the film Keeping the Faith, religious guilt is an underlying theme throughout the movie. Religion plays a key role in the formation of guilt in both Jake and Bryan throughout the film. Simultaneously, it serves as a means for both characters to atone for their sins and free themselves of guilt.
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However, many members of the community, including his mother believe a Jewish man must marry a Jewish woman. Though Jake is in love with Anna, his devotion to Judaism creates an enormous guilt. He feels he is betraying both his religion and community by continuing to see Anna even though he is in love. One can see the manifestation of this guilt when Jake and Anna go to a movie and he is unwilling to recognize Anna as his girlfriend to members of the congregation. He feels too much guilt to openly address that he is dating a non-Jewish woman. After his mother chastised his brother Ethan for marrying a non-Jewish woman, Jake is unwilling to gamble his job and relationships for Anna. However, after Jake realizes that he should embrace his love for Anna no matter the cost, he feels that he must seek forgiveness even though he has done nothing wrong. On the holiday Yom Kippur or the Day of Atonement in the Jewish religion, Jake speaks in front of his congregation and reveals the truth about his relationship with Anna. Only after seeking forgiveness is Jake’s guilt assuaged, allowing him to express is affection for Anna.
Bryan, Jake’s best friend, is also in love with Anna. However, his priesthood requires him to remain single to prove his devotion to G-D. Bryan...

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