Guideline For Case Analysis

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Summary of a guide to case analysis
The guideline provides an overall strategies for us to explore our insights and analysis ability. First of all, it explains the importance of using cases to practice strategic management. Learning by doing is a point that the author points out, which means that students are assumed as a part of the company, and dealing with various situation, solving problems by applying tools and concepts, have the ability to create an action plan.
There are 7 key strategies are illustrated. The first strategy is objectives of case analysis. It means in a given case, identifying the company and understanding the company’s current situation first, and do judgments ...view middle of the document...

The fourth strategy is preparing a written case analysis. When begins to write case analysis, it suggests to identify potential issues that needs to address, such as strategy issues regarding the company’s situation. Perform analysis and evaluation is necessary, such as find out if the company’s strength of competitive forces is stronger or weaker. Propose an action plan and set of recommendation should be backed, and the recommendations should be detailed with quality, and be responsible for the decision. The fifth strategy is preparing an oral presentation. The oral presentation also requires identification of the strategic issues and problems confronting the company, analysis of industry conditions and the company’s situation like a written case analysis in different delivery format, the presentation gives students an opportunity to hone the presentation skills. It also provide tips for creating power points, such as the format, color, placing key point and so on. It also suggests to rehearse slides before presenting. The sixth strategy is...

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