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Guide Questions And Sensory Evaluation Essay

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| |Tuba |Basi |Tapuy |Lambanog |
|Dhadi | | | | |
|Butch |Looks like dirty water, |Brownish yellow, has legs, |Clear, dirty water |Blue, appealing color |
| |yellowish |cloudy | | |
|Dave | | | ...view middle of the document...

It delays the fermentation of the tuba from becoming vinegar. the powdered bark colors the tuba, but ore importantly, apparently inhibits fermentation and probably adds a distinct flavor to the vinegar.

11. “Putuhan” is usually made of clay and commonly situated in areas near to river and some bodies of water where there is a sufficient amount of water to be use in distillation process.


• Some distillers set it aside for sundry uses by local healers, especially for therapeutic massage or in small doses for menstural irregularities.

13. To attract the youth and expand its marketing possibilities, it is now marketed and sold in different flavors such as cherry, jack fruit, apple, orange, four seasons, mint, mango, blueberry, bubblegum, and cinnamon.

14. Pulutan

a. Dry Finger Foods – Chips (all sorts), peanuts, cornick, chicharon, calamares, crackers

b. Street Food – barbecue, isaw, adidas (chicken feet), betamax (blood), fishballs, kikiam, squid balls

c. Main Dishes – sisig, papaitan, kilawin, bopis, canned tuna

15. Tagayan is simply a form of wine drinking famous here in the Philippines. While the "tagayan" can take on different forms, the...

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