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Guidance Paper

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1. What personality traits do you possess that help you grow as a person?
I have a lot of traits that help me grow as a person. One is being a very optimistic person. Even though there are a lot of challenges being a student myself, I make it a point to always look at the brighter side of life. I never let negative vibes absorb my energy although sometimes I cannot avoid it. If it happens, I relax my mind and body so that I will have enough time to think about things and control my emotions. Another trait I possess is being a very passionate person. If I am assigned to do a task, I give my 100% and I do it with all my heart. I exert all the time and effort I have just to achieve the ...view middle of the document...

The tiring travel is not yet done, when I get to Katipunan I still need to cross another foot bridge and walk from Miriam High School gate up to the college entrance. When I reach MC, I feel so tired and exhausted already because of the long travel I just had. This is my normal daily routine and it really causes me distress every single day.
What I do to cope up with this challenge is that I keep in mind that this suffering will not be long. This has been my daily routine since first year which is almost three years ago now. Just one more year and I’m done. In fact, this has been an inspiration to me. I am being challenged to study hard to be able to buy myself a car someday.
3. What are your goals in life? What are your plans to achieve your goals? What actions have you already made to achieve your goals? What are the obstacles that you think you will experience in achieving your goals? Or have you experienced any obstacle in achieving your goals?
One of the goals I have in life is to be able to work in a huge prestigious company here in the Philippines as a Public Relations Head. I also dream of not just working for a company but also to have one for myself. I have already begun my plans to be able to achieve it which is to...

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