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Gsm And Gps Interface For Vehicle Tracking System

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GPS and GSM is used to locate and track traffic vehicles as they transverse there route. By using satellites and towers the system is able to monitor the vehicles direction and location within a few feet. This paper will explore the problem of tracking vehicles, in real time, from one point to another. Improving latency and software calculations to be more precise with time accuracy. The paper will include hardware that utilize the technology and software that enables the system to work as designed. Function within the software will make allowance for any latency that is produce from the hardware.


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Problem Statement
How do GPS/GSM over come latency and inference to accurately track vehicles in a timely manner. GPS/GSM use radio frequencies that propagate from satellites to towers on the earth's surface. As radio frequencies transverse their route they are subject to various obstacles, natural and manmade, that can weaken or block signals.
Depending on the region the communication is taking place fading or blocking of signals can be a big obstacle to overcome. To mitigate fading, uplinks and downlink transmitters are equipped with automatic power boosters to increase power as needed. To remove the issue of blockish, towers are erected in strategic locations, such as hills, mountains or tall buildings, to keep obstructions from blocking signals.
Fading and the blocking of signals correlate with timely accessing of vehicle's location/movements. If signals are not received in a timely manner then the receiving software cannot accurately report the time to supervision. Accurate timing is essential for operations of companies that rely on time for movement of stock and commuters.
To get more control of the movements of commercial or private vehicles businesses and people alike are turning to new technology. the technology is Global positioning system (GPS). With GPS a person can locate anything that has a monitor attached, whether it's a car, truck, bus, or a mobile phone. With the advent of GPS anything with a monitor can be located.
Companies who install this device are concern with the on time delivery of their deliverable. companies can keep their customers up to date, in real time, where their shipment are and how much time will lapse before they should arrive. GPS will enable them to be more competitive in their perspective field, because on time delivery is a requirement most customers appreciate.

In the public domain, GPS is used for personal reasons, such as, to keep track of loved ones, especially children. GPS is not meant to spy on children, just keep track of their whereabouts. People love their children, but they also love their property, such as automobiles. Let's say, If a car is stolen it would be easier to find because the GPS install would tell you exactly where the car is located.
Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) are the systems that are used to keep track of equipped mobile products, such as cars, trucks, buses, PDA, phones, etc. Even though GPS and GSM sounds like a single system they are completely two separate systems and work quite differently. First let us take a look at what is involved in GPS.
Global Positioning System is a constellations of satellites that orbit the earth, controlled by the United States Air Force ("Control segment," 2009). The first launch took place in 1973, and since then more improved satellites have been sent into orbit. At the present time there are a...

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