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Gs1145 Unit 1 Paradigm Shift Essay

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The question was asked to select a technology that’s in use now and describe how it may impact how we live in 20 years. I’m choosing to talk about cell phone technology and where it may be. The phones of the future will be more powerful and advanced, what we think is new today will be obsolete in the not so distant future.
In the past we had cordless home phones which started giving us the freedom to move throughout and a little outside the house. There were also the old huge bulky cell phones that resembled big walkie talkies. We also had pagers and pay phones ...view middle of the document...

I think that in the future, instead of hand held phones they will be worn as a watch with an earpiece and be powered by sun and moon light. The phones of the future will allow us to project the caller’s image in full view and watch 3D. We’ll be able to program most if not all of our household functions into the phone such as locking unlocking doors and windows. They’ll able to turn on the oven, dishwasher, TV, appliances, and almost everything in a house. We’ll also be able to program the phones to control various features in our cars.
The phones of the future will also allow us to do more things such as printing, sending and receiving faxes (if that’s still in use) and scan documents. They’ll also give us the capabilities to voice command emails instead of having to type them out. There won’t be any more dropped calls the pictures we take will be instantly downloaded to print or show in 3D. In the future cell phones will basically be a mini super computer on our wrist. The earpiece will be the projector and able to enhance or drown out all background noises.
In conclusion, I believe the phones of the future will control and be able to operate and monitor almost everything that we use in our daily lives. What we consider to be amazing and ahead of its time today will be dated and obsolete in 20 years.

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