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Grupo Bimbo: Growth And Social Responsibility

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Table 1. Grupo Bimbo History
|2 |Bimbo was founded on 2 December 1945 with five shareholders. They are all Servitje’s family member. Bimbo |
|December 1945 |started with only one brand, 38 workers, and 10 trucks to deliver the bread made in one plant in Mexico City. |
| |The first product were white boxed bread and toasted white bread and incorporated more products into its product|
| |line for the next few years. |
|1963 |Don Lorenzo Servitje took on the role ...view middle of the document...

65 bilion) |
| |Net profit : Ps 3,914 million ( $360 million) |

Problem Identification

Table 2. Grocery Retailers Market Share

There are two main problems in this case. First, the decrease market share of Mom & Pop’s. Mom & Pop’s is the biggest market share of Bimbo. Based on Table 2 Grocery Retailers Market Share above, the percentage of M&P’s contribution is decreased in last eight years (1999-2007). The decrease of M&P’s contribution affected to Bimbo’s profit. So this is a big problem for Bimbo.

The second problem is how to succeed internationalization of Bimbo’s business without losing sight of domestic market and Latin America. This is personal mission of Daniel Servitje to encore the predecessor condition when Bimbo established.


The purposes of our research paper are:

• Examining the issues of Grupo Bimbo
• Using 5C’s Opportunity Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and 4P’s Analysis as an analysis tools to solve the problems that have been previously states before in Problems Statement
• Creating alternatives solution for problems based on analysis, especially on how Grupo Bimbo solve their domestic and international issues.


Table 3. Marketing Analysis 5C of Grupo Bimbo
|CUSTOMER |Fresh bread and the quality easily seen |
|NEEDS |Segment : low income consumer |
| |Consumer behaviour : M & P’s give credit to the consumers untill the payday |
|COMPANY SKILLS |Automatic production process |
| |Financial strength (IPO) |
| |Brand |
| |Distribution Systems (delivery range, handheld computer system, always fresh bread) |
|COMPETITION |Competitors product (Pepsi Co.) |
|COLLABORATORS |Acquisitions |
| |Distribution channels |
|CONTEXT |Politics : Felipe Calderon Era post F. Calderon regime |


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