Growth Of Sammy In John Updike's A&P

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The Growth of Sammy in A&P


In "A&P" Sammy changes from an immature teenager to a person who takes a stand for what he believes is wrong which is reflected in Sammy's words and actions.  This paper is composed of three paragraphs. The first paragraph deals with the immature Sammy, the second concentrates on Sammy's beginning his maturing process, and the last focuses on his decision to take a stand no matter what the consequences are. 


      At the beginning of A&P, Sammy notices that three girls have walked into the store with only there bathing suits on.  At first, poor Sammy cannot see the girls because ...view middle of the document...

  He says that her "clean bare plane of the top of her chest down from the shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal tilted in the light."  Sammy is obviously very distracted and most likely he is simple staring at the girls, instead of doing his job.  Sammy watches the girls go down each aisle.  At one point, Stokesie, another male cashier, jokingly said "I fill so faint."  Sammy said "Darling, hold on to me tight."  When one of the girls goes to Sammy's check-out line to pay for their purchase, she pulls the dollar out from the middle part of her top portion of her bathing suit.  Sammy says "The jar went heavy in my hand.  Really, I thought that was so cute."  It is as if they have never seen a pretty girls or that their normal  clientele are opposite looking than the girls.  


      During the middle of the story, Sammy seems to grow up somewhat due to the way Lengel treats the girls.  His words and actions appear to cooperate this statement.  Sammy refers to this part of the story as sad.  The first thing Lengel says to the girls is "Girls, this isn't the beach."  This causes the girl that sammy refers to a Queenie to blush.    Sammy says that Lengel gave the girls a "sad Sunday-school-superintendent stare."  Queenie says that all they came in for was a jar of Fancy Herring Snack.  Lengel says that it does not matter and that it was store policy to dress decently in the store.  Lengel continued on chastising the girls even when customers started to gather  Sammy did not like Lengel doing this because it embarrassed the girls.  Lengel finally asked Sammy had he wrung up the purchase.  Sammy said no and he rung it up. ...

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