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Growth And Decline Of The Industrial Sector In The Uk!

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M2- Growth and Decline of the industrial sector in the UK!

There are two ways that the growth and decline of industrial sectors is measured. One way that they measure it is by employment and the second way it is measured is by looking at the production and sales of goods which is then measured in the form of GDP (Gross Domestic Product- income from the total products made at home).

To understand more about the growth and decline of the industrial sectors we watched a video called ‘Crop to shop, Jimmy’s Supermarket secrets’. Through watching the video we found out the primary sectors are mostly based in developing countries. Countries such as Kenya grow green beans, Egypt grows potatoes ...view middle of the document...

Because they are based here people that work in the tertiary and secondary sector earn more money because it is more expensive and people would rather work in these sectors than primary sectors. The UK offers a good average salary to worker so they will be paid better than people that work in other countries where primary sectors are based. The workforce in the primary sector is about 2%, in the secondary sector it is 22% and in the tertiary sector it is approximately 76%.

The population in the UK may increase in the future. At the moment the UK gets most of their food from other countries however if the population increases more people means more food will be needed to survive therefore the UK may have to start growing their own food. This means that the industrial sectors may need to change in the UK.

However if the population increases in the UK there will be less space, also the won’t have space to grow their food, a way they might be able to overcome this problem is by growing smaller genetically smaller vegetables, also more people could grow their own vegetables.

As the economy develops the secondary sector will grow or be industrialised. This means that factories and large scale manufacturing will grow. This is because businesses in the secondary sector are more expensive to run as well as set up. This sector has become very dependent on the new technology being developed rather than worker in countries such as the UK. Manufactures decided to move their business to countries where that are able to get worker for cheaper wages.

The tertiary sector is the largest industrial sector in the UK. This is because people in UK have a higher disposable income which means they are able to afford luxuries and spend money on services which is found in the tertiary sector. Also employees in the UK are educated which mean we have a skilled labour force.

Output of the Industrial sectors:

The output of the industrial sectors is measures by the production and sales of the products and services. By looking at these pie charts of the output I can tell that:

The primary sector has increased by about 3% from 1974 to 2002. This has happened because the products in this sector has increased, there is also improved and more advanced technology therefore they are able to produce more. The population has increased throughout the years which lead to people needing more raw materials.
The output in the secondary sector has decreased by about 19% from 42.3% in 1974 to 23.3% in 2002. This is because the business in this sector has moved to developing countries due to cheaper wages, cheaper energy and...

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