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Growing An Economy Essay

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As the newly appointed Economic Minister for the country of “Ardistan” it will be my primary mission to develop a four-point plan to bring our country out of the current economic slump that the previous administration created do to their corrupt activities. This document will describe the four vital steps of my plan to effectively extract Ardistan’s various natural resources and establish trade with other countries that will benefit from our natural resources allowing us to move forward into a strong economic presence in the world.

Step One – Development Stage
The first phase is to identify all of Ardristan’s natural resources that will provide a long lasting source ...view middle of the document...

The first phase of the mining operations is to select an experienced management team to in turn establish a qualified mining work force to begin extracting the natural resources in a safe and efficient manner. Once a work force has been established there will be a necessity to provide training for the workers to perform each mining task efficiently and safely. There will also be a need to establish a fair salary compensation for each employee based on their skill level. The next step regarding a mining work force is to address a couple of factors such as, do we want to allow unions to be created to assist with the labor force. We’ll also decide what of benefits we want to provide for the employees, such as health care, dental, vision coverage, life insurance and possible 401K programs. (N. Gregory Mankiw. 2007-2009)

Step Three – Establish Trade Agreements
When the mining operations are underway there will be a necessity to create a department within the structure of the government, to be named “The Department of International Trade and Commerce” to develop trade agreements with other countries that are interested in Ardistan’s natural resources. A preliminary task for the newly created department of international trade and commerce will be to investigate international laws and regulations regarding international trade with foreign countries....

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