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Groups, Teams, And Conflicts Essay

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan
Errington Licorish
May 5, 2014
Howard Kersey

This summary report will identify the character traits of three colleagues that did a self-assessment earlier in the week. This summary will include the individual contributions to the Riordan Manufacturing organization as well as any debilitating traits that may conflict with the organizations overall mission. Included in the summary will be an individualized plan to help assist each employee with skills, training, and education to further their professional and personal lives as well as motivate them to be a more productive asset to the Riordan Manufacturing organization.
Andrews’s personality is great for the team environment, however Andrew needs motivation to adjust to weather conditions. Andrews’s professional mannerisms and self-motivation is a great asset to the Riordan Manufacturing organization. Andrew is able to ably his ...view middle of the document...

Shawn is a people person with a great personality that gains the attention of his peers and customers. Shawn will thrive well with positive feedback from managers and his colleagues, which may help motivate Shawn while monetary reward is not provided through bonuses. I recommend a follow up with Shawn after six months of verbal recognition by management to see if Shawn is able to be self motivated through positive feedback.
Tim is a hard working individual, which will help the Riordan Manufacturing Organization gain clients and keep them. Tim is an interactive individual that works well with others as well as on his own. Tim has management skills that can advance the Riordan Manufacturing Organization into the future. Tim does not show emotion, which can cause some individuals to not trust him because he may be mad or upset, but not displaying any signs of distress. Often times no emotion can be a character flaw. As a manger I would ensure him that the open door policy is available to him at all times if he would like to discuss any concerns and our conversation will be confidential. At this time, I have no further need for assessing Tim as he is well adjusted and doing well within the organization, however I may personally do a follow up with him to ensure Tim of my trust and open door communications.
In today’s world, the work environment is made up of diversity, from age, gender, race, religions, background, educations, skills, and personality traits. It is the job of the manager to treat each individual as an important contribution to the team and the organization. Assessing weaknesses and strengths can help managers put together the best teams to receive the most productivity with little to no conflict. Matching up teams based on skills, roles, and characteristic traits can be challenging, but will reward the organization as well as each individual to get a positive experience from their professional life. Aligning self assessments, observation, and good leadership skills will benefit the organization, employee, and customer so that all parties evolved are overall satisfied and continue to work well for positive revenue, personal and professional growth, and product satisfaction.

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