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Group Therapy Final Project Essay

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Matthew Hoskins
Grand Canyon University
Group Design Final Project

Addiction and the issues which accompany it are at epidemic proportions. Peer group therapy has proven to be an effective therapeutic treatment for those who are addicted. The group offers a sliding scale fee structure for those who are not insured. Those clients unable to contract for abstinence for the duration of the group were disqualified.
This essay explores a cognitive behavioral therapy group for women who are currently have a substance addiction. The participants range in age from 19-43. The group meets once per week over the course of 8 weeks. The prospective group members were each ...view middle of the document...

The group type will be a cognitive behavioral group. I chose this group type because cognitive behavioral therapy is designed to rearrange thinking patterns as well as actions which lead to addictive behaviors. Pucci, 2010 describes the advantages of CBT in groups:
1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies are very instructive.  When clients / patients understand how to counsel themselves rationally, they have confidence that they will continue to do well.  For this reason, cognitive-behavioral therapists teach their clients rational self-counseling skills.
2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies are shorter-term.  The average number of sessions that people spend in cognitive-behavioral therapy, across the various approaches to CBT and problems, is 16.  There are those people who require more sessions (sometimes many more), but the average is 16 sessions.
3. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies emphasize getting better, rather than feeling better.  By correcting problematic underlying assumptions, CBT creates long-term results since the cause of the problem is corrected.
4. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies are cross-cultural.  They are based on universal laws of human behavior.  They also focus on the client's goals, rather than attempting to impose the therapist's goals on the client.
5. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies are structured.  The structured nature of therapy sessions very much reduces the possibility that sessions will become "chat sessions" in which not much is accomplished therapeutically.
6. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies can be researched. Because there are clearly defined goals and clearly defined techniques, CBT can be examined with scientific research. 
7. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies are adaptive.  The fundamental principle of CBT is that thoughts (cognitions) cause our feelings and behaviors.
The group will serve adult clients 18 and over who are addicted to substances. Those clients who are not able to contract for abstinence for the duration of the group will be excluded. The group is designed to serve a homogenous group, i.e. all male or all female. "Homogeneous groups....are generally more comfortable and open with each other, whereas mixed sex, ethnic, or socioeconomic groups make it more difficult to achieve a high degree of group interaction" (Keown 1983, p. 66). The group will be a predetermined number of sessions spanning 6-8 weeks. The group size will be 7-10 participants.
The goals of the counseling group will be to identify and unlearn patterns which lead to addictive behaviors. The client will learn to replace these behaviors with healthier alternatives. The group will also explore and discuss beliefs about their person which leads to addictive behaviors.

Client Screening Tool/Application for Group Therapy
Name: Race:
Address: Religious Affiliation:
DOB: Marital Status:
Which gender to you identify with most?
Which gender were you born?
1. Insurance Information:

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