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Group Registration Essay

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All groups arriving in the hotel will be met by a host. This host will be, in order of preference:

1. Group co-ordinator.
2. Guest Relations manager.
3. Japanese, or Chinese, or Korean speaking person (not a hotel employee).
4. Front Desk manager.
5. Director of Sales & Marketing, or his/her Assistant.
6. Public Relations Director.
7. Sales manager.

This host’s function is to welcome the group displaying a full understanding of their program, as we know it. For example,

• Welcome everybody to the _____________Hotel.
- Ladies & Gentlemen, you are welcome to the _____________ Hotel
• Registration will take place ...view middle of the document...

• Tour and excursions.
• Check out time and baggage movement.


During this time the reception staff will be checking in the group and welcoming them also.
• May I have your signature here, please, Mr. Miller?
• May I have your passport and visa for registration, Mr. Miller?


All visa will be stamped at check-in and the number and expiry date will be recorded on the registration card for entry in Fidelio later. All passports and visa will be immediately returned to the guest.

• How will you pay for your extra charges, Mr. Miller?
• Your room is (a Twin, Double, Single), Mr. Miller.
• Your room is room number XXX ,(Point at the number), on the Xth floor, Mr. Miller.
• Indicate where the elevators are and how to use key-cards in the elevator.


Waiting staff will have prepared chilled champagne if relevant and glasses for check in. The champagne will not be poured before the group arrives at the hotel. This will be served as follows:

• Greet the guest
- “Good afternoon, Ladies & Gentlemen (Sir, Madam)”
• Eye contact and smile
• Offer champagne on trays
“Have a Welcome drink, Sir (Madam)”

Upon completion of check in procedures the guests will be shown to the elevators and wished a pleasant stay. Any changes to the details will be communicated to the relevant departments by the group co-ordinator.


Each day the next day’s checkouts will be checked and compared to the duty schedule of the bellstaff to ensure that there is enough staff available to bring down the luggage.

The night before check out the night auditor will check:

• The Master...

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