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Group Plan Essay

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Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University
Kiaera Donnell
Group Plan 2 Rape
PSY: 556 Group Dynamics
Dr. Linda Holloway
September 15, 2015

Rust University Counseling Center has recently contacted my local agency requesting my assistance to establish a support group for the young ladies on their campus who are rape survivors. Rape or, more technically, sexual assault is a crime of violence done predominantly to women. While the legal and mental health definitions differ from state to state, rape refers to the crime of forcing a woman to engage in acts of sex against her will. This form of sexual assault includes any act involving oral, vaginal, anal or object penetration or ...view middle of the document...

Prior to starting the group for rape survivors, I will definitely take into consideration that these young ladies have suffered lifelong scars that have affected their trust for other people. I will be aware that some individuals may have a problem with opening up throughout the meetings. I will take into consideration that rape survivors can often become very emotional when talking about their past experiences. Acknowledging the fact that many of my group members may enter in with bottled up emotions and trust issues that will allow me to focus on trustworthy strategies such as possibly creating group activities that will allow them to depend on someone in the group. Other considerations that I would take into account prior to starting the group is knowing that the individuals could possibly be fragile due to previous experiences that they have witnessed.
The group that I have organized for these individuals is group counseling. Therapy groups are offered on an as-needed basis and are approximately 90 minutes, once per week. Groups at S.S.G are created based on the needs of current clients, referral sources or callers interested in being in the group. Some groups may take several months to start to ensure that an appropriate number of members can be involved. All groups at S.S.G. are closed, meaning once the group begins, no new members can be added. This is done to provide the utmost healing, nurturing and safe environment for group members. This group will focus on interpersonal effectiveness skills such as changing the way they may feel about themselves as well as some emotion regulation skills. I want my members feel safe and know that they can now speak out because they are strong survivors of rape and not victims anymore. The group will focus on understanding that they are survivors, we will teach group members that they no longer have to be afraid, that they can trust again, and that they no longer will have to live in silence. As a group leader, I will work one on one as well as in a group with helping each individual develop strategies to be able to help someone else who may be going through the same thing.
The group will be a self-help group focusing on helping rape survivors to recover from depression, anxiety, and emotion regulation. The group will meet once a week for approximately 90 minutes over a course of four months. The beginning date for the support group is Wednesday October 7, 2015. The opening of the group will include a warm up and an introduction and the person telling how they are feeling. The closing of the group will involve the individual telling why they were feeling that way, a discussion with the group, positive encouragement and a closing prayer since this is...

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