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Group Insurance And Welfare Law Hrm 425: Benefits, Safety, And Health

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If employers had it their way they would have employees working for them with as little as possible. Thankfully it is more of the unethical employers that would do this but even those organizations that are well-rounded in ethics can show a little of their bad side when it comes to benefits and money contributions. This is why laws and regulations were implemented into companies by the states and federal government so that those that want to withhold what is due to the employee; could not do so without a fare fight from the employee, which has caused many organizations to cease in these unlawful doings.There are many laws that come into effect to protect individuals and their rights. One of ...view middle of the document...

Some employer's insurance plans are extremely expensive, and employees are unable to pay for these benefits. This means the employer needs to put in more money in order to provide what is necessary for the employee.ERISA also gives employers the opportunity to pay or play, in certain states when it comes to insurance. What this means is the organization can either pay all of the insurance out of his or her own pocket or play, and pay a percentage of the health coverage for the employee. No matter which way a company looks at it they will still need to find a way to help cover their employees. Most organizations should be willing to do the most possible for their employees to find those individuals that they would like to hire to better the company, and keep retention rates low.This law protects individuals from being abused by employers that are taking advantage of them. By giving guidelines to companies this ensures employees that their rights are just. If individual's rights are violated than the person will have the right to sue the organization for wrongdoing. ERISA guarantees the payment of certain benefits if those benefits are terminated, and protects plans from mismanagement and misuse of assets. If...

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