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Group Collaboration And Web 2.0 Applications: Knowledge Sharing/Retention, Innovation And Talent Management

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Group Collaboration and Web 2.0 Applications: |
Knowledge sharing/retention, innovation and talent management |
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8/16/2009 |

Instructor Background
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) is an outsourcing company for business process outsourcing and information technology services and has more than 70,000 employees worldwide. ACS has three divisions: IT services, Government Solutions and Financial and Accounting Services (F&A). The contractual agreements between ACS and the clients are not uniform. Each contract has specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) that ACS must perform. In the event that the SLA of the contract is not ...view middle of the document...

0 in-house-networking system should be viewed as a part of strategic planning.
The development of this proposed plan will benefit ACS by reducing the risk of penalties from service level failures because knowledge and information can be stored in a central location accessible by all employees. The research provided in this proposal will support the need for this tool in order for ACS to remain the premier service provider in the industry.
Purpose of the Report
The objective is to develop effective group collaboration using a social networking type system to improve knowledge sharing, innovation and preparing for the millennial workforce/talent management. The networking system will be an ASC developed system customized to meet this objective.
Background of the Topic
The primary purpose of this topic is to improve knowledge sharing among the different contracts to ensure that all SLA’s are obtain to prevent penalties from be assessed by the client. As ACS continues to grow, the need for problem solving will continue to increase and ACS has a wealth of knowledge but employees have no way to share this knowledge. This knowledge includes best practices used by the individual contacts which provide innovative and high quality service to the clients. This can be accomplished by creating a group collaboration system using Web 2.0 application. The Web 2.0 application will be similar to current social networking sites, such as Facebook; however, the proposed site will be for business networking.
According to an article in the Market Wire, 2008, “we identified a clear shift among organizations to look towards workforce collaboration and Web 2.0 tools to connect people, generate content, capture knowledge and make it easily accessible”. The use of a company networking systems would accomplish this objective.
Knowledge sharing has been a concern for many organizations because as the “Baby Boomer” generation begins to retire and employees leave an organization the years of knowledge these people have also leave the organization. Although this is a concern for ACS the major concern is to prevent financial penalties. Since best practices are not share among other contracts then management of new contracts do not have the benefit of the knowledge from existing, successful contracts. Organization which are complex in structure, as ACS is, often have to rely on the skills of management and the expertise of employees to achieve strategic goals (Magdaleno, A., Cappelli, C., Baiao, F., Santoro, F., & Araujo, R., 2008).
In addition, according to Magdaleno, etal, 2008, “business processes rely heavily on tacit knowledge. For that reason, they increasingly face the challenge of making information easily accessible and shared”. ACS needs a Group collaboration system to overcome this problem of knowledge sharing and developing a company networking seems to be a viable solution.
Innovation is an important part of the ACS Mission Statement. ...

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