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Group And Teams Paper

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Group and Teams
Even though teams and groups can be confused as one in the same; there are differences between the two. Teams and groups offer certain differences in real world corporate applications. According to Articlesbase, Difference Between a Group and a Team; Strengths of a team can rely on the fact that the members of a team have similarities in the purpose and there is interconnectivity between the individual members. Whereas a group is larger in number and the group’s strength could be assessed from the fact that they need to be willing to execute the commands of a leader. (David, J. 2009).
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These qualities are harder to find within a group setting.
Groups can be categorized simply by a certain gender, age, hair color, or even profession. A group is more randomized and usually seeks an outcome from a short term goal instead of continual efforts. Group members put their thoughts together for one outcome as a whole. These limit some of the individuality that team members are able to use. Unlike teams groups are usually held responsible by one group leader. This is something that has to be decided by group members. A group’s leader must have leadership skills, accountability, find the common goal and divide up responsibilities to each individual member. Each group member is then accountable to reach these goals individually and bring their own personal results back to the group. These types of decisions may have a higher price to pay when it comes to the ability of these group members to be forced to work together.
Since group members can be put together for different reasons there is a higher risk of forming individual differences. Groups have a higher rate of conflicts than others who make up a team because of dominant view points. This can be difficult because groups tend to be smaller in numbers...

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