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Gril Klin Corporation Case Analysis

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When an emergency situation such as fire or ship crash happen onboard a ship, the crews of the ship will use all measures possible with their best effort to stop the source of damage, prevent further damage from happening and to repair the ship. However, in certain conditions, the ship cannot be saved; hence the only thing that can be done is to save the life of crew members by abandoning the ship. This decision s taken after careful consideration on all aspects since the benefit might be accompanied by huge consequences.

Once the decision to abandon ship is made, all crews are required to muster in the Emergency Station. These stations have procedure that provides a simple ...view middle of the document...

Every effort should be taken to ensure that the transfers of all crews to ships alongside are done successfully. However, if due to fires or other unforeseen situations that may arise which hinders the operation, the second method should be used.

The second method of this operation involves the use of life rafts. The life rafts shall be released from their stowage before any personnel enter the water. Division officers shall supervise the removal of crews, which descend life lines slowly and not crowding the people on the line below them. In addition, fire hoses should be hung over the side (in case that there are no fires) as they will provide excellent additional means for crews to descend into the water. Here, crews should be equipped with life jackets which are tied securely since these jackets will be the source of support in the water. When all preparations to abandon ships has been done, the life rafts should start moving away from the ship by cutting the holding lines and using the crews effort to paddle away.

Kat sini, ko cerita pasal crews in water. Kalo ko rajin, tambah la pasal in raft. Sumer ni ada dalam buku kecik. Ni points from document zul, ko campur r skali ngan maklumat dalam buku tu.
Once in the water the life jacket should be adjusted down around the body as much as possible. Personnel should take it as easy as possible in order not to overexert themselves. They may have to remain in the water for a long time. The breast stroke and side stroke are considered the better ones to use as these assist in clearing the water ahead of any oil. The breast stroke is best for clearing a path through flaming oil. If any enemy bombing operations are in progress personnel should float on their backs or swim the back stroke for it has been found that personnel swimming on their stomachs and treading water have been vitally injured internally. If there is oil on the water, a...

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