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Grendel Good Vs.S Evil Essay

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Grendel written by John Gardner gives the reader a new perspective on Grendel. It is told from his point of view and the reader is able to see Grendel’s thoughts and feelings, through his thoughts and feelingsGrendel, no matter how he may despise himself or seek to change, can be seen as representing the forces of evil. In the novel Beowulf, Grendel is seen as evil. In the novel Grendel the reader is able to see the many sides of Grendel’s character. However, in both novels the towns’ people see Grendel as the embodiment of all that is evil and dark. He is a descendant of Cain, and much like Cain he is an outcast of society. He is always outside looking in; he is doomed to roam in the shadows. He is an outside threat ...view middle of the document...

When Grendel attempts to communicate they show their ignorance and simple-mindedness. Instead of taking the time to understand the abnormal creature in their world they panic and decide to destroy it. This Interaction shows that Grendel is not evil by nature because during their first encounter he does' not attack or behave in a violent manner. Grendel expressed a longing to be a part of their society and be able to socialize. If the thanes had tried to communicate with or befriend him, Grendel could have been converted to good.Grendel shows that he is capable of loving when he falls in love with Hrothgar’s wife, Wealtheow. Throughout the novel he has the opportunity to kill Unferth and Wealtheow, he shows compassion when he has the opportunity to kill and doesn’t. During his talks with the dragon he says that it is pointless to kill humans and that he wants to stop. “Why is it fiddlesticks if I stop giving people heart attacks over nothing? Why shouldn’t one change one’s ways, improve one’s character? I must have been an interesting sight, that instant, big shaggy monster intense and earnest, bent like a priest at his prayers. (Page 61) this illustrates his compassion and remorse for what he has done. It gives the reader insight on how Grendel sees himself and shows that he wants to change and be good.In conclusion although Grendel is predominately seen as evil he shows humanistic and good characteristics. His thoughts and feelings serve as evidence and show the reader that under different circumstances Grendel could have been good and accepted by their society instead of being seen as this heartless and demonic monster.

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