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Green Systems Mobile Tablet Proposal Essay

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Green Systems, Inc.
Mobile sales tablet proposal
Charles Brooks, Willy Almazan, Nathan Gass, Christian Hawkins, Matthew Chau
University of Phoenix

The Mobile sales tablet by Green Systems Inc is an amazing solution to the retail experience. By putting the mobility in employees’ hands to walk around and spend the entire experience with the customer it creates more of a bond that that customer will remember the next time they want to purchase. Employees can look up a multitude of things with the mobile devices and save time from having to do price checks, stock checks, and looking for product information. Employees are freed up to do other tasks they might not have ...view middle of the document...

This device will have the ability to design custom home theater systems, car audio, and computer systems from the tablet then sent to the back of the store to be bundled together or installed/put together for an additional fee. The ability to check inventory and price check the competition is another added feature on the device. Since most are using “plastic” type payment systems the device will have a built in credit card slide reader as well as a “Google wallet” chip for those who are using Google wallet. While some still use the good ole fashioned cash a cash drawer is designed as a base for the tablet for those paying with cash. Unfortunately check will not be accepted. All purchase receipts will be sent via email to the purchaser as well as any rewards points earned in the transaction. All receipts will have a BCC to the corporate offices for safeguarding and warranty confirmation if needed in the future. This device will allow stores more room for their products by having less computer cash registers and more one on one sale with the customers.
With the iPad mini release as of November 2nd, this is the mobile device we have chosen to use for our proposal. The reason this device is more suitable to the environment is because of its lightweight design and its affordability. The iPad mini is cheaper and easy to hold and maneuver with less risk of dropping and damaging the device. There are a number of accessories for the device that allow the user to strap the device to their wrist and hold a stylus in order to streamline any number of processes and free up ones hands for other tasks such as grabbing items off the shelf. We will also offer a wireless headset that can, not only connect to the P.A. system of the store but allows employees to communicate with each other. Moreover, management would be able monitor the surveillance potential threat of theft to the nearest employee or ask for assistance with any problem or concern that may arise. Headsets at critical positions like the front door or any other areas where customers will need to be directed to can help identify the correct person to talk to for further assistance. Information can be passed efficiently between employees to speed up customer traffic and eliminate confusion, which could slow down the store.

Hardware Specifications for the iPad are as follows:
Hardware: The "Apple - iPad Mini - Technical Specifications" (2012) website 
* 7.9-inch LED-backlit Multi-touch display
* 1024-by-768 resolution
* Fingerprint-resistant oleo phobic coating
* Dual-core A5 processor

The devices home button has been reconfigured to access the menu of any given window instead of moving to the home screen. This will prevent loss of information when the employee is connected into a secure program that allows you to take payments wirelessly for example.
Software will either be developed internally or acquired externally, to be determined during the first or second week of...

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