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Green Meadows Hospital Essay

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Kate Cooper began a new position at Green Meadows Hospital. Green Meadows Hospital was a newly constructed facility owned and operated by Southern Hospitals Corporation. Kate Cooper began her career as a Manager of Adult Services for the new facility. Kate had a lot of background experiences that made her job fit for the Manager role. Kate was a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and six years of supervisory experience. Kate was a very self-driven person and was working on obtaining her Master’s degree to further her career. Kate’s supervisor was Alan Jones, an assistant administrator of the hospital. Alan seemed to be a guy that was for her obtaining ...view middle of the document...

Bateman and Snell’s textbook states that a two-way communication is the receiver provides feedback and the sender is receptive to the feedback (pp. 533). This example is a perfect model of the two way communication model. This did not work out as the way it was communicated to Kate Cooper. Alan began giving her too much work and Kate tried to communicate this to Alan and his response was “You are tough, and, I know you can handle it.” One-way communication flows in only one direction, from the sender to the receiver, with no feedback loop (Bateman-Snell, pp. 533). The two-way communication strategy would have drastically improved and fixed their problems. One-way communication can be the easy way out, but it also can demotivate your motivated employees by not letting them participate in the vision of the company. Using the two-way communication has proven to be more accurate, fewer mistake, fewer problems, and it cast the shadow of a leader that employees want to be involved with. It allows employees to be more engaged and it shows the teams that there is no absence of trust and the teams do not fear conflict (Lencioni). One-way communication can conceal their weaknesses and mistakes. Employees are less likely to ask for constructive feedback and dread meetings. Teams can then turn to fear of conflict and fail to tap into all the opinions and perspectives of team members. By creating that two-way communication system from the top down, they could have created an environment in the organization that was engaging to the employees.
Ken Blanchard’s situational leadership model for both Doug and Alan would have been in between the S1 and S2 levels. S1 is directing by telling and S2 is coaching by encouraging. Directing has a high directive/task and low support/relationship. Coaching has a high directive task and high support/relationship. Alan came across at the beginning as someone who would listen to his followers. After one week of working with Alan, Kate realized that he was not a very engaging leader. Alan and Doug both came across has self-centered leaders and was only worried about themselves. Whenever, Alan sensed a threat of Kate he would use a defensive style based on his own fearful ways. Alan came across that he was more worried about losing his power and position rather than failing as a leader. For Alan to become more or a servant leader and be in the S3/S4 situational leadership styles he has a lot to change. He has to become more in control with himself and ensure that his heart, head, hands, and habits are right. The model all starts with the inside of one’s heart. Servant leader’s open up the two-way communication style and see that as an opportunity of feedback as a gift rather than a threat. Servant leaders believe that their position is of the influence. For Doug and Alan, simply opening up that two-way communication could have helped them be much more successful leaders and...

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