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Green Management Essay

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Green Management
Businesses in the recent days are concerned to go green. Green business is basically the business that has less negative impact on the environment and helps to preserve the nature. Pangea Organics is a good example in the real estate of internationalized green business. As the vision goes, the firm always Pangea Organics has been emphasizing the neutrality of their products throughout the years and deployed green management in the business. The greenness of the business starts from its production to every aspects of their operation. The entrepreneur has found that it is beneficial upon applying the green concept in his business.
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In addition, the firm also takes into consideration of the impact of improper disposal to the land. It implements the use of plantable paper and folds it into boxes to pack the products. This is to foster public to work towards the preservation of the ecosystem balance and encourage the public to take care of the earth.
Most of the ingredients of the product are from one of the most natural city in United States, Boulder, Colorado. Pangea Organics always sources their raw materials or ingredients from organic and fair trade farms. They also outsource the material from other countries. For example, they source Ascrobic acid from China, Calendula flower from Egypt, Cocoa Butter from Ghana and Olive oil from Tunisia. The ingredients used in the production are the usually the extract from organic plants such as essential oils from rose that has a nice aroma and organic medial effects to humans. Pangea Organics’ products aim to effectively eliminate the users’ skin from any interaction with unnecessary chemical components or artificial fragrances and colours. The founder of the brand, Joshua Onysko put extra emphasize on the origin of the ingredients. As mentioned in an article, he had to make sure that all ingredients are extracted from organically grown plants that have medical usage. The raw materials are required to be green in nature, which means that the materials are free from synthetic preservative and artificial colours or fragrance. The company has been fully-committed with organic purity by carefully select and extract the highest quality fatty acids, essential oils and botanical extracts and avoid any petrochemical materials. For example, they use extracts from Australian wild plum and willow herb which have the ability to in producing the facial cleanser for combination to oily skin type. Olive squalane, which is a natural hydrocarbon derived from Oilve plant is also one of the materials used in producing eye cream and balancing oil. Certification from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and United States National Science Foundation (NSF) which certified that the products contain at least 70% of natural ingredients has further assured the consumers the nature quality proposed by the brand.
The products of Pangea Organics are manufactured under green management. The production of Pangea Organics products is made in small volume and labor-made. They implement their concerns at the beginning of...

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