Green Consumer Behavior Essay

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Green Consumer Behavior

With the growing concerns and knowledge towards our natural environment and the effects of what can be seen of global warming, it is shown to have affected our sense of consumerism through an increase in the number of eco-friendly and innovative products marketed today. Our first impressions towards eco-friendly products are usually perceived that the consumption of these products is better for our environment. From recyclable eco-friendly goods to alternative-energy resources, the understanding of green consumer behavior has increased through environmental and business reasons, and can be influenced by the society’s habits. In this journal ...view middle of the document...

In a consumer research perspective, the behavior of reducing negative environmental impact has received considerably more attention than the consumer behavior of purchasing products that are marketed as being environmentally responsible. These perspectives can be seen as a gap in the understanding of green consumer behavior correlated to products that are marketed as green.
These perspectives are reflected by the importance of values, beliefs and norms for pro-environmental intentions and behaviors and can be seen by both consumers and companies.
According to the research from the previously mentioned postal mail-in questionnaire, from the sample, the results included 616 female and 1216 male car owners and were then classified into adopters and non-adopters of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) based on the fuel type of the car. From the data the analysis show that 71.5 per cent of the sample drives gasoline and diesel cars (non-adopters) and 28.5 per cent of the sample drives alternative fuelled cars. In addition, factors such as the willingness to adopt and curtail were also used to control for the adoption/non-adoption variables. The authors in the investigation show that the green consumer behaviors of those who do adopt innovative alternatives were less willing to curtail car use, while the standards of higher living status, education and income show more willingness to adopt innovation. (Jansson, Marell, and Nordlund, 2010) As a result this report shows that the adopters of an eco-innovation are less willing to curtail usage of the innovation, but more willing to purchase the innovation again in the future. Which suggests that once the consumers have adopted to using eco-innovative products it will then become integrated into their lifestyles.

Implications for Marketing Management
As the authors of the journal article are based in Sweden, the usage of Swedish consumers as a base for research is a strength that I find well done. Not only is it a strength because of their knowledge of their own hometown but also because Sweden in record has been ranked 4th greenest country in world according to...

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