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Green Chemistry Essay

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Sustainable Pharmacy: Pharmacist

The University of Scranton

MGT501: Responsibility Sustainability and Justice

Professor Cynthia Cann

October 18, 2014

Green Chemistry –Green Pharmacy

My Future Profession: Pharmacist
As a future Pharmacist I will be communicating with patients and the health care system providers. I will be distributing prescription drugs to patients, advise them and health professionals on the side effects, interactions, and dosage of medications. Some Pharmacists specialize in various drug therapy areas, such as geriatric pharmacy, psychiatric pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, or intravenous nutrition. Others may focus on formulating new ...view middle of the document...

They can contaminate:
* Surface and ground waters via discharge or escape of treated and raw sewage, manure, or disposal of leftover drugs medicated feeds.
* Arable soils and crops via use of recycled sewage for irrigation and bio solids for soil amendments.
* Objects that we contact, via residues transferred from skin (Daughton and Ruhoy submitted).
* Biota
A confluence of advancements is currently at work in bringing sustainability in quality healthcare close to reality. These include information technology, personalized medicine, medical genetics, and epigenetics, green chemistry- applied to drug design, initiatives called “medication management” and “pharmaceutical care”. Together, these areas will largely dictate the shape and size of the environmental footprint for tomorrow’s armamentarium of medications.

Social Sustainability
Above and beyond the legal and contractual obligations, Pharmacy’s contribution to the improvement of the population’s health is a trademark of the profession itself all over the world and throughout history, everyday our profession contributes for promoting a greater healthcare education for citizens, with value added actions and services.
Community pharmacists perform social and care work that generates an important social and health care impact. Pharmacies are also contributed to the quality of job, and it is one of the sectors with the largest percentage of qualified female employment, fulfilling two important factors: equality at work and no salary discrimination for gender reasons.
Pharmacists have a role in writing guidelines for the appropriate management of many conditions, educating other members of the multidisciplinary team. Furthermore, community pharmacists have a significant role to play in reducing inequalities the provision of pharmacy services. Nowadays the involvement of pharmacists in a range of extended roles and activities is necessary on in depth understanding and application of the behavioral science, social and cognitive pharmacy is concerned with the application of psychosocial knowledge to impact on patient’s health and illness related behavior within the context of practice.

SD Recommendation: Green Chemistry, or Green Pharmacy
Green Chemistry Overview
Green Chemistry represents a major paradigm shift that focuses on environmental protection at the design stage of product and manufacturing processes. It is an innovative way to deal with chemicals before they become hazards, with the goal of making chemicals and products “benign by design”. Green Chemistry is a preemptive strategy that reduces the use of toxic substances before they contaminate the environment and our bodies. It is a marked departure from the past where society managed industrial and municipal wastes by disposal or incineration. Green Chemistry seeks to dramatically reduce the toxicity of chemicals in the first place, rather than merely manage their toxic waste after use and disposal....

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