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Great Men Need Not Be Good Men

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Great men need not be good men. Greatness outweighs good qualities in an individual. It is defined as a state of superiority, a quality possessed by several individuals who stand out from the normal social construct. This quality places an individual under the admiration of the masses. It gives the individual a superior advantage over his fellow counterparts in a specific area of interest in which he has attained greatness. One is only regarded as a great when he has reached the pinnacle of success in his area of interest. On the other hand good is a quality possessed by a fairly larger amount of society in comparison to those who possess greatness. Good is a quality that requires an ...view middle of the document...

From being worshipped for bringing pride and honor to his nation by single handedly leading Argentina to world cup glory to his infamous ‘Hand of God’. Consisting of an illustrious footballing career that can easily be compared to that of a rollercoaster ride littered with controversies. Scouted at a tender age of 10, to play for his local neighborhood club ‘Estella Roja’ and eventually ending his playing career in Italy due to claims of being disgraced. Making his national team debut at 16 Maradona played in 4 FIFA tournaments and captained Argentina in the world cup world cup. Maradona’s extensive portfolio includes a ‘Golden Ball Award’ in 1981, a world cup in 1986 and several Italian championships with Napoli. These accolades and adoration he has received from his fans place him amongst the greats.
From John Stuart Mill’s point of view, an action is truly great when it gives maximum happiness to the maximum number of people. Maradona’s actions on the football pitch satisfied this condition as it brought great joy to the whole footballing world. Maradona served his nation by giving them recognition on the global stage of the most watched game, making each and every single Argentinian proud. He gave maximum pleasure to each individual in his nation by providing him or her with joy, which is the ultimate purpose of utility. The end of all human actions is for the sake of happiness. The amount of utility an object provides undeniably depends on the quantity of happiness it can lead to. From this criterion utility is not inextricably connected to ethical values. In Mill’s shoe Maradona provided maximum utility in comparison to any other individual.
Maradona was not a saint in society’s eyes he had his fair share of ethically unsound adventures. At the height of his career he became high on cocaine, and succumbed to the pressure of his great stature, leading into alcohol addiction and eventually into depression. He’s infamously known for his ‘Hand of God’ act in the world cup quarterfinal against England in 1986. Which spurred controversy amongst members of the footballing world and fanned the political flames between both nations that first began due to the Falklands war in 1982. He failed a drug test in 1994 and was pulled out of the Argentina squad for the during the world cup tournament. During his divorce procedures it was found that he had fathered a child out of wedlock. To round off...

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