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Great Expectations Love Essay

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In the Webster dictionary, the word "˜love' is defined as "a strong affection for another, based on kinship ties." Although this is correct, love can be interpreted in various ways, and consists of many different kinds. Throughout Great Expectations, Dickens displays unrequited love, unconditional love, and also fatherly love.Unrequited love is clearly displayed through Pip and Estella. When Pip, a common boy, first meets Estella, a disdainfully proud and wealthy girl, he is blinded by her beauty and falls in love with her at first sight. Estella is a spiteful young girl who has been trained by her adopted mother, the eccentric Miss Havisham, to cruelly break men's heart. Estella turns into the center of Pip's "great expectations," to become a gentleman, though she has no feelings for Pip and treats him with strong discourtesy. Years later, after Pip has turned into a gentleman, he still desires Estella, and ...view middle of the document...

Joe raises him as if he was his own child and never lays a hand upon Pip. Later in the novel, Pip personifies a snob when he isolates Joe and Biddy because of their "˜commonness.' When Pip returns to his hometown, he does not reside with Joe and Biddy, and does not visit them. Even when Joe travels to visit Pip in London, Pip treats Joe harshly, and sends the unkind message that he is not wanted. Later, in the third stage of the novel, after Magwitch, Pip's benefactor passes away, Pip becomes severely sick. In spite of the fact that he had avoided Joe because of his "˜commonness,' Joe always stands by his friend's side. All "through [Pip's] phases of disease," (445) hallucinations and struggles, Joe treats him with deep care and affection. Not only does Joe care for Pip during sickness, but he also pays "for the debt[s] and costs on which he had been arrested" (454) for. Joe never stops loving his "dear old chap" (445) regardless of Pip's discourteous manners towards him.Lastly, Dicken displays fatherly love between Magwitch and Pip. At the time of Pip and Magwitch's first encounter in the marshes, Pip never presumed that the convict would end up being the source of his "˜great expectations.' Magwitch comes back near the end of the second stage, and implies he never banished Pip from his thoughts, and that Pip had had influenced him to live a successful lifestyle in accordance to the law. The convict reveals to Pip that he considers himself a second father to him, and later on, the reader can assume that he has always wanted a child, when "[his] dear boy" (420) first mentions to him that he has a beautiful daughter, Estella. Pip is a replacement for the daughter he is never able to meet, and Magwitch loves Pip as if he is his own.In conclusion, Dickens displays numerous types of love through his characters. Pip and Estella show unrequited love, Joe and Pip show unconditional love, and Magwitch and Pip display fatherly love. These kinds of love are all shown in a different manner, but they all fit the same definition.Work Cited Dickens, Charles. Great Expectations. Penguin Books. New York. USA Inc; 1961.

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