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Great Expectations Essay

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Great Expectations Essay
In the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens many events happen over the three stages of Pip’s life. In the story over the three stage that span from a young age of about seven in Pip’s life to about twenty-five or thirty, Pip is put through some very complicated and troublesome times involving love to financial problems. The life of Pip the main character whose real name is Phillip Pirip has quite a few ups and downs that shaped the future life of Pip.
In the first stage of Great Expectations that describes the beginning of Pip’s life takes place in a small town where Pip was born. The story first starts out when Pip meets a convict in a graveyard which ...view middle of the document...

Later Pip goes to school and meets Herbert’s dad and Pip’s teacher Matthew Pocket and also Startop and Drummle who are other students at the school. Later in the story Estella comes to London and talks to Pip about her going to school to become a lady and he also later find out that his sister Mrs. Joe died. Next once Pip became of age at twenty-one he receives 500 pounds and also finds out that his benefactor is not Miss Havisham, but is actually his convict from the marshes whose name is Abel Magwitch, but is called Provis.
During the last stage of the story Great Expectations many things happen and is probably the longest and most interesting of the other two stages. In the beginning of the third stage Pip finds out that his benefactor Provis’ lawyer is Jaggars and Pip talks to Jaggars about how he found out who his benefactor was. Later Pip goes back to Miss Havisham’s and talks to her about how he is not happing with finding out that she was not really his benefactor and is told by Estella that she is getting married to her boyfriend Drummle. Pip later finds out that Mr. Jaggar’s housekeeper Molly is Estella’s mom and that Provis is Estella’s father. Next Pip visits Miss Havisham’s yet again and asks her for 900 pounds which he gets and while...

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