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Great Expectations Eassay Essay

1671 words - 7 pages

“Look’ee Pip, I’m your second father. You’re my son,” (P264)
Argue the case that, for you, of all relationships in ‘Great Expectations’ this one, between Pip and Magwitch, is the most important.

‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens shows a unique variety of character relationships. This essay will portray three different relationships, paying special attention to the qualities that each of them show. Dickens wrote about three types of character relationships: loyal friends, betraying friends, and loving relatives. 
Magwitch and Pip have a very prominent and important relationship in this novel. It is unexpected and mysterious. Magwitch and Pip’s relationship grows through out the ...view middle of the document...

It is not just Magwitch that has helped Pip, Pip helped Magwitch when he was a convict escaping from the prison ship by bringing him the file and wittles that he asked for so he could free himself from the leg-iron. Pip is a very generous and sympathetic young boy and this act of kindness is very important in this narrative. If Pip had not done this Magwitch would not have met Pip and they would not have made a connection and Pip would not have had the opportunity to become a gentleman. In the quotation above “Look’ee here Pip, I’m your second father, you are my son” Magwitch adopts Pip, trusts Pip, and develops a love for Pip after only knowing him for a few short hours, and he wants to have friendship with Pip.
On the other hand, another extremely important relationship in ‘Great Expectations’ is that between Pip and Estella. Pip’s obsession with Estella starts the moment he saw her and carries on through the entire story. Despite the obsession, Pip envies Estella because she takes for granted the wealth and standard of living she was adopted into. Estella immediately looked down on Pip as she saw “how coarse his hands and how thick his boots” were, she refers to him as a “common labouring-boy” and she did not accept him as an equal. I think this gave him drive to succeed in becoming a gentleman so he could be Estella’s equal, this is because of Miss Havisham’s ghastly influence As Pip matured and became more of a gentleman the relationship between himself and Estella stopped growing and is not likely to go any further, the main reason being that Estella still treated Pip the same as when he was just a “common boy” rather than the gentleman he has become, but this does not end Pip infatuation with her.
This relationship is important because it is the main romance in the story and the reader wants this relationship to grow but it later becomes apparent that they are not made for each other. The relationship between Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham all tie together. In the narrative Miss Havisham brought Pip and Estella together; although it was not for good intentions at times Havisham shows that she wants to help Pip and she likes him, but at other times she is very selfish and self-absorbed. At the beginning of the story Pip looks upon Miss Havisham as the obvious benefactor and is the one helping Pip with his journey to fulfil his great expectation but then she later you see that she just sees Pip as another man to take revenge on, due to her anger and humiliation after being left at the altar on her wedding day by Compeyson; because of this embarrassment she endured she has brought up the young Estella to do the same; to take revenge on all men. An example of this is in chapter 8 Miss Havisham says “Well- you can break his heart” this is the first point in the story you can see Miss Havisham’s plot with Estella. As Pip later on discovers he has in fact been used by Miss Havisham and Estella for heartbreak and revenge, this has a lot of...

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