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Great Expectations 7 Essay

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“Great Expectations” one of the world’s most famous novels written by Charles Dickens in 1860.The novel was written about a little boy known as Pip who grew to benefit from his actions when he was a child. Charles Dickens was a social reformer and therefore included the society and many of its failings in this novel. Dickens increased his popularity by this novel which caught many readers attention.. He added Pip introduced pip in this novel as an n extremely vulnerable.Though Dickens had the plot and structure of Great Expectations already planned, he was able to listen to the criticism and comments of his readers each week over the nine-month period (like ...view middle of the document...

We also feel sorry for him when he is described as a “small bundle of shivers” which emphasises how vulnerable he is. The metaphor makes it clear that pip is not even recognised as a human being.
Dickens uses Magwitch as the second character who was very creepy and scary. This impression is created through the vocabulary dickens uses. This describes him through pip as “fearful”, he “seizes”pip, which is really aggressive verb.Also, and magwitch’s first memory is of stealing turnips. He joins pip in the orphan club, having never known his parents and never had a family; he breaks the law in order to survive. Dickens upon his techniques also shows how messed up Victorian was and how unjust the legal system was.
Charles Dickens introduces another memorable character such as Mrs. Joe Gargery. This is a woman who made readers feel even more sympathetic for pip because of her scratchy attitude. Dickens makes this crystal clear to the readers, when Mrs Joe Gargery yells at her husband and pip at the scene where pip ask questions about convicts.
Charles Dickens includes many hidden meanings and subtleties in his writing, which adds extra depth and keeps the reading of his books interesting however many times you read them. Some of these meanings can be found in the names he gives the characters in his story, for example, Pip; a pip is a little seed that eventually grows into something much larger and grander as it’s life goes on and that is exactly what happens to Pip during ‘Great Expectations’.
Dickens often uses long complex sentences that are broken up with commas to describe people and surroundings, these vivid descriptions add emotion and can create atmosphere exceedingly well. He uses so many adjectives in his writing and together with verbs it really captures the readers imagination, words like ‘smothered’ ‘lamed’ ‘limped’ ‘shivered’ ‘glared’ and ‘growled’. All theses appear in one paragraph together. Dickens does this so his readers can get a clear and exact image of what he’s describing, doing this then means the readers feel more involved with the story. “And that the flat wilderness beyond the churchyard, intersected with dykes and mounds and gates, with scattered cattle feeding on it, was the marshes.” The readers feel as if they are there, in the...

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