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Gre Gmat Diagonostic Test Essay

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1. A rectangle 20’ x 15’ has a square 10’ x 10’ cut out of the centre. What is the area of the remaining portion?
a) 150 sq. feet b) 200 sq feet c) 200 sq inches d) 120 sq inches

2. A family spends ¼ of its income on rent, 1/6 on food, 1/8 on education, 1/8 on clothing, 1/6 on transportation, and the rest is saved. If these proportions are represented on a pie-chart, what would be the angle of the sector representing savings?
a) 40o b) 50o c) 60o d) 80o

3. There are four roads form City A to City B, and there are three roads from City B to City C. If a man starts to go from City A to City C through City B, and another starts from City C to go to Cit A through City B, what is the probability that both men will meet somewhere ...view middle of the document...

The lengths of legs of a right triangle are 6 and 5. Find its area.
a) 15 b) 30 c) 45 d) 10

9. Bobby sent $27 to the newspaper dealer for whom he delivers papers, after deducting a 10% commission. How many papers did he deliver if papers sell for 20 cents each?
a) 135 b) 150 c) 160 d) 540 e) 600

10. Bobby sent $27 to the newspaper dealer for whom he delivers papers, after deducting a 10% commission. How many papers did he deliver if papers sell for 20 cents each?
a) 135 b) 150 c) 160 d) 540 e) 600

11. E
In the diagram below, if AB is parallel to CD, what is the degree measure of BED? (Note: The figure is not drawn to scale.)

a) 40 b) 50 c) 60 d) 70 e) 80
12. What is the average (arithmetic mean) of, and 80%?
a) .073 b) .075 c) .72 d) .75 e) .78

13. If , then x =
a) –3 b) –1 c) 0 d) 1 e) 2

14. In a circle whose centre is O, arc AB measures 85o. What is the degree measure of ABO?
a) 45 b) 47.5 c) 85 d) 95 e) 137.5

15. If the value of XYZ Company stock drops from $25 per share to $21 per share, what is the percent of decrease?
a) 4 b) 8 c) 12 d) 16 e) 20

16. is approximately
a) b) c) d) e)

17. 5102 – 4902 = _____________
a) 16,000 b) 18,917 c) 19,470 d) 20,000 e) 24,000

18. In a certain game, 3 nurbs are equal to 2 zimps, and 6 clabs are equal to 1 zimp. 4 clabs are equal to how many nurbs?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 e) 5

19. The ratio of Victor’s weigh to Mike’s is 2:7, and the ratio of Victor’s weight to Hank’s weight is 3:5. What is the ratio of Hank’s weight to Mike’s weight?
a) 6:35 b) 5:12 c) 10:21 d) 12:5 e) 35:6
x+ 4

20. If the figure above is a square, what is the perimeter of the figure?
a) 28 b) 16 c) 9 d) 3
e) Cannot be determined form the information given.

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